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windows xp info

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I just wanted to say that equipment providers like dell ect are going to stop providing drivers for xp.

They wont be  providing access to old files to down load for reinstall purposes mirosoft wants to force all users to by new equipment.

I am looking into using free operating systems like liniux ect.

There are a lot of single processor computer users out there still. They normally really can only run windows xp.

I wonder if people will ever get sick off paying over and over for new windows?

Purhaps after their second or 3rd bankrupcy.

What happened to live with in your means.

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In response to pick4hawk

What happened to live with in your means.

Living within your means may mean going back to using paper and pencil.  Going paperless was supposed to save money.

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Windows XP is an outdated system though. You don't have to get the newest verison but at some point the old versions have to be put out to pasture. I have Windows 7 and like it. I haven't felt the need to use Windows 8 yet.

Although, I do have XP on one of my computers because it's comfortable to use, I can understand that at some point that a company will quit updating something that is outdated. I mean it came out in 2001.

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I Agree!, but XP was probably the most popular of any Windows operating systems and many people replaced Vista and Windows 7 with XP when purchasing new computers.

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I'm just generally tired of microsoft. I asked a laptop computer manufacure to intstall linux. And they said they are not allowed to because they are a microsoft distributor. Microsoft says no and they can not do so. I asked a about a driver for a usb device and got the same responce. 

It seems that mirosoft is king and intends to remain so.

I believe that people will start to wake up--and realize that with the price of everthing going up,  that paying again and again for an operating system

is not needed. Really how many versions of ms word do we really need.

I have used a lot of open source programs and believe that ms will eventually fall.

Tare it down like the phone company and the gas company if ms won't play fair.

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In response to pick4hawk

A while back I saw Best Buy was selling computers with Linux operating system and I saw one with the Anoird(google operation system) for sale.  With Windows being used by our government to corrupt foreign control systems like Iran nuclear plants, you would think other countries would develop their own processors and operating systems and complete with US manufacturers.  I guess nobody want the expense of reinventing the wheel and would rather put up with what has already been done.

If another country did do the work of developing a completing system, I wonder how many American would be willing to learn another language to learn how to operate and use their computers?  Right now I think anyone who want to study computer science has to learn English if it's not their native lanuage since most of the information and systems are developed by English speaking people.


2/17/2000 Windows free forever!

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If you really don't want Microsoft, look into Ubuntu (desktop version). It's a pretty decent flavor of Linux.

Personally, I think Windows 7 is great, much better than XP. I installed it on my old 2003 Gateway and it ran without problem.

Since then I've got a newer computer and don't think Windows 8.1 is all that bad. Just takes awhile to get used to.

In response to ThatScaryChick

Rather than getting outdated, this one keeps getting improved, and the updates are FREE!

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Jon D
In response to pick4hawk

You don't have to quit MSFT cold turkey, you can dual boot to try other operating systems. I've been doing that for many years.

Just partition your drive with a section to try out Linux, or you can use one of those Live Linux discs just to try it.

I have a couple of systems running multi-boot with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Fedora Linux, and a laptop with dual boot Vista/Ubuntu. They serve all my needs and have no reason to upgrade. But lately, I rarely boot into XP anymore, only a few programs run better there. Same for Linux, as I can do most of what I need in Win 7 under Cygwin. I booted XP recently and got the warning that Security Essentials is now shut down, so I'll have to replace that.

If you want to go pure Linux, you really need to be a gearhead or hacker. For me, there are just too many programs and drivers that aren't available there. But I also have a Mac Mini running OS X as a media server, so I got that system for Unix stuff too.

So I've tried them all, but that's not the main focus. Main thing is getting things done, not the underlying operating system. I thought about trying Windows 8 by buying a Windows tablet, but honestly, I have no need. I do most of my browsing on an iPad and that does what I need and has the apps I want.

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Say what you want about XP, but for the most part, it plain old WORKED.  For many years, the thought was, "why upgrade if I don't have to?"  Sure, it's old technology by now, but it's a workhorse.

Right now I've got my laptop in a dual-boot configuration with XP and Linux Mint.  I'm finding that I can do most everything in Linux, which doesn't come as much of a surprise.  The only reason I have to boot into Windows at present is to update my podcast subscriptions in iTunes and sync that with my iPhone, and I'm looking into Linux-friendly alternatives to that.  Also, I do some programming in VB.Net and PHP; I've heard that there are tools available to let you develop in .NET on Linux, but I haven't tried those yet.  I was fairly surprised to find that GIMP (an image editor) is pretty easy to use; I had tried a Windows version of GIMP a few years back and was not impressed, so my expectations were rather low.

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In response to jimmy4164

I typically suggest Linux Mint. Has more of a Windows look and I think it just looks better than Ubuntu. It also has different versions for minimal spec'd computers.

My mom switched to it after being a user of XP and then 7 and didn't have much issue, though she didn't really use any programs so it was easier to switch for her.


I used Win98SE and for some years now I have and am still using Windows XP.

There still are hundreds of WinXP freeware programs out there for download.

I don't know what can be done with Windows 7 or 8 that can't be done with WinXP, but I think that maybe for the most part is the software together with the hardware that does the job and not so much the operating systems.

Also, some softwares such as some lottery softwares only work on some older operating systems like WinXP and Win98SE.

I use the newest version of FireFox with WinXP and can still use the newest versions of many other freewares with WinXP.

WinXP seems to be good enough for many things, my computer is not super fast, but seems to be fast enough and also seems to have more than enough ram memory, I don't seem to have many problems with it.

I have collected a very great quantity of freeware programs, but never use most of them.

My WinXP computer seems to be secure enough as it is right now.

If you just want to browse the Internet, read and write posts, get and send emails and PMs and things like that, there are some live versions of Linux that allow you to do that, with them you can also see videos on places like YouTube and hear music (audio).

They should or might work on most or on many computers.

I myself still don't see a reason to switch to neither Win7 nor to Win8, I have enough security freeware for WinXP and I like FireFox, in the old days (years ago) Internet Explorer gave me a lot of problems, I seem to have fewer problems with FireFox.

There also is ReactOS an alternate Windows like operating system, but I think that it never got much of anywhere it has been stuck on an alpha stage maybe for decades and going nowhere, maybe in 500 more years it will get out of the alpha stage into a beta stage by then when they make a working WinXP clone Windows will be Windows 200 or higher.


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Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. Basically, I don't like the fact we must pay continually for any OS. Also MS is controlling all companies by not allowing them to make drivers for other OS. They don't want anybody to compete with them. Hence then they remain the only option.

Adventually people who watch every dollar will rise up and say good bye to MS.

There is a lot of people still using xp because there is nothing else that will work with old laptops. Win7 does not work on a p3 with only 512mb of memory. And even if it did it would be extremely slow. There are a lot of single processor latop computers that just dont have the memory to run any other MS OS. MS has to much control over other companies period. I'm just going to learn to linux through and through. Unix is the way.

I'll have to start to beg laptop companies for more internal info to create drivers. I just can't see pitching another p4 or other processors laptop into the land fill when they are otherwise in very good condition. unix I guess is the only way. There is just way to much viruses on MS xp and other OS's.

Way to much scams period.


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You should be able to get most of the XP programs to work on Linux under Wine(Windows Emulator). Not sure about Windows 7 programs though.

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