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Mystic's Daily Picks 04-10-2014

mystic317's avatar - Yavill

April 10th 2014

Daily Cash 3 and 4 Numbers for all States

Here are the cash 3 and 4 numbers to play on Lottery Today

Choose from any of the 4 numbers for cash 3 or you can play a wheeling system

If you use a wheeling system you will take the numbers 7-8-2-9 and create 4
tickets from those numbers.

You can use any or all of these number combinations.

Those numbers will be





The Cash 4 numbers will be 7-8-2-9

The cards associated with these numbers that were drawn today is

7   The Chariot Card

8 The Strength Card

2   The High Priestess Card

9 The Hermit Card

Numbers for 04-09-2014 were 3-1-8-6

Arizona Players my numbers came in box 1-3-8

Georgia Player’s my numbers came in on cash 4 box 6-3-8-1

LottoBux's avatar - ryn8iCO
In response to mystic317

Nice Job mysticSmiley

Thu, Apr 10, 2014KansasPick 39-2-7
Thu, Apr 10, 2014OntarioPick 3 Evening8-9-7
mystic317's avatar - Yavill
In response to LottoBux

Sorry i did not post for today had a very early Dr Appt.

Just wanted to let you all know i am runnung my special through the end of april for Winning Edge Report and reading..
at this time it is listed for  $30.00   after april the price will go back up to 60.00

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