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Is Sums Really The Key To Winning Your Favorite Lotto Game?

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I hear alot of people who play talk about sums being the key to winning.. I never really have followed the sum strategy and would like to know how it works and how you sipher how to follow it for a win.. anyone willing to share?




See Ya!

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I never used sums and I won a few nice prices. If you want to win, then pick games that pay better and eventually are easier to play.

Eventually you won't find in your country or your state.

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Because so many people pm me, I am starting a thread in systems today, I'll do my best to explain sums, root sums, pairs, should be up around 10 or so, It will take several days to post all the things I want to show, so be patient, just maybe someone will see the way I do it an offer a better solution, or even share their strategy.

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Hurray!Thank you so much sully16! I am going to check it out.

I hope I can set up a system to help people win.

Have a wonderful day.

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Sums are easier to calculate because they reduce larger fields of numbers to choose from, down to a smaller field, but the catch is that once a prediction is made, the number picked must be converted back to the combos that represent the larger field.

Basically in my opinion, that serves no purpose based on my experience.

Example, If my field is 100 possibilities, and the sum reduces it down to 10 sums, each one of those 10 sums have ten possibilities. (equalling 100)

So If I pick the number 3, that number represents 30-31-32-33-34-35-36-37-38-39, ten combos I have to STILL buy. I didn't improve my odds one bit. The only thing I changed was the speed of the calculations. Reducing the field of examination didn't change the inevitable, and didn't improve the odds in any way. You can do the long math or the short math, either way, they both lead to the same conclusion.

This is why I don't bother with Vtracs. Vtracs are basically the same thing mentioned above.

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I dont fool with vtracs either. 

Sums I do.  But I like width better

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