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Mystic's Daily Picks 03-27-2014

mystic317's avatar - Yavill

Florida Our Pick 3 Numbers came in Straight last night.. I bought one and won $290.00
Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont Numbers came in Box
Congrats if you played and better luck next time if you didn't

March 27 2014
Daily Cash 3 and 4 Numbers for all States
Here are the cash 3 and 4 numbers to play on Lottery Today

Choose from any of the 4 numbers for cash 3 or you can play a wheeling system
If you use a wheeling system you will take the numbers 2-4-9-8 and create
4 tickets from those numbers.
You can use any or all of these number combinations.
Those numbers will be

The Cash 4 numbers will be 2-4-9-8
The cards associated with these numbers that were drawn today is

2 The High Priestess
4 The EmperorCard
9 The Hermit Card
8 The Strength Card

The Numbers for 03-26-2014 were 3-7-8-9

Florida My numbers
came in straight form March 26
Cash 3 Numbers were 3-7-8
If you played my numbers you would have hit for
$500.00 (Playing straight) on a dollar play
$250.00 Playing straight on a 50 cent play
$290.00 playing straight/box on a dollar play

Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
My numbers came in Box form March 25
Cash 3 Numbers were 8-3-7
If you played my numbers you would have hit for
$84.00 Playing box on a dollar play.
$42.00 Playing Box on a 50 cent play

290.00 Winning Ticket

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