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Do you wager the same amount regardless of the size of either jackpot?

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Should the JP get into the $300-$400 million range, do you add more Benjamin's " hoping to increase your chances? " l usually add another $10.00 either way.

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In response to noise-gate

When the JP's are at their base as both the MM and PB are now I will play my set of "always play" numbers.  As the jackpots increase to the $300 - $400 million I will add additional numbers and a few QP's.


I similar to Saylorgirl, but I feel that I have to spend more when the jackpot gets really high.

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Betting one line at a time gives you a shot at the glory and also leaves you some ammo for tomorrow's fight. One line of MM with MP a year costs you $204. One line
of PB with PP a year costs you $312. That $516 is more than enough considering the odds.
I use the advanced play feature to force me keep within budget.


Increase when higher jackpots. Don't play unless it has reached a certain point, 200 on MM and 300 on PB. And don't play if my european lotteries have better cost/jackpot-ratio, even if jackpot are way lower. My swedish Lotto has a startjackpot of 3 mil sek, equals $450k...

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I usually play $1 per draw using my numbers that change every draw.  However, this last $400 million MM jackpot, I did buy one extra line using Lottery Post's Quick Pick Generator.  Won $1.

Shelby Mustang

Since its been awhile since Ive won anything Ikeep it to just one ticket, but when it get to 3 or 400 million I kick it up to two tickets then

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In response to maringoman

l like your "One Line" approach maringoman- the save some ammo for tomorrow's fight rings true. l wonder about lottery pools which wager $100.00 a draw and up, only to come away with major losses time after time.


I have 2 season tickets for MM and PB, but when they reach over 250 mil, i throw another 10 picks at it.

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Depends if I hit the 3 digit or not, if I do, I may play extra.

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Steady as she goes.

Stay the course.

Don't rock the boat.

Wouldn't be prudent.

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In response to rdgrnr

I Agree!  Ridge. It would be great to " Stay the Course" and find out that you the Sole winner of either JP in the " $200-$400 mil" range.

Here's to dreaming..

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I spend $2 on most draws but will bump it to $5 when the jackpot exceeds  $100 million. Over $300 million, I will throw in an extra $2 but that is it. I think it's foolish to spend more than that even if the jackpot is over a billion dollars.

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I play my 2 lines regardless of jackpot amounts, every drawing


Years ago i would buy more tickets, in turn, it would boost my hopes even higher, then let me down even more.

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