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I don't have any programming experience.I write out tables for the 'California Super Lotto Plus' on paper which is time consuming.I want to learn programming to speed up the time.What is the best software package  for calculating tables and charts? I want a more automated method than 'Excell' I have Window 8 32 bit

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I have used CodeJock's Toolkit Pro, and CodeJock's Chart Pro in the past.  You can create some modern looking tables (typically called grids) and charts with the software.  They are defintely not for the beginner though and are expensive.  Microsoft has the whole .NET but C # and object oriented programming is also not easy for a beginner.  Guess it depends on how motivated you are to learn the languages, SDK's and API's.  Once you do though you will not have to depend on someone else to implement your ideas.


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Just google it! You will find many programs, from free over cheap to expensive. They probably all do something, but none ever produced sure winners.

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Learning to program is time consuming too.  No matter which way you looking it, studying the lottery takes time.

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Autoit is excellent to start with.

It is free, powerfull and has excellent help included.

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