Malaysia Air Captain D.O.B for Analysis

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Providing Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s  DOB specifics:

July 31st 1961

Look forward to all shared insightful, astro-nemerological or intuitive analysis of this man or incumbering circumstances.....



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Word(s)/Phrase:  Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s  (Normalized)


Method 1:  4-7-6
Method 2:  6-8-4
Method 3:  6-0-7
Method 4:  6-2-9
Method 5:  2-1-6
Method 6:  9-7-8

Word(s)/Phrase:  Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s  (Normalized)

Method 1:  7-0-1-6
Method 2:  7-6-2-0
Method 3:  1-7-4-0
Method 4:  6-2-3-3
Method 5:  3-5-6-3
Method 6:  8-1-8-6



Word(s)/Phrase:  Zaharie Ahmad Shah  (Normalized)

Method 1:  0-2-0
Method 2:  8-9-1
Method 3:  5-7-6
Method 4:  3-1-0
Method 5:  8-6-5
Method 6:  5-7-1

Word(s)/Phrase:  Zaharie Ahmad Shah  (Normalized)

Method 1:  6-9-7-5
Method 2:  2-5-1-4
Method 3:  4-6-3-0
Method 4:  8-4-0-4
Method 5:  3-3-3-1
Method 6:  9-0-9-3

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In response to collegem$

Thanks to our collegem$ for her contribution of projected numbers

And now for an numeric update (but not the rest of the story) for your consideration:

It’s Day 11 in the gripping mystery of the Malaysia Airlines jet no one has been able to solve. Every day new clues lead to new theories.


Searches across the seas have come up with no debris.


Mysteries like this one are extremely rare. We naturally crave an answer to the disappearance of such a large plane with 239 people on board. Families of the passengers and crew are in limbo as they face a worse nightmare scenario.


The astro-numerology codes for the moment of liftoff provide compelling clues.


On March 8, 2014 Flight MH370 took off in Kuala Lumpur at 12:41 am.

  • March 8 is an 8 Universal Day.
  • 12:41 am adds up to 8.
  • ACARS Shutdown — which transmits key information on the plane’s mechanical condition — is manually shut off and stops sending data at 1:07 am, which equals 8.
  • The pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, is 53/8 years old.
  • Astrologically, the Sun at that moment was at 17/8 degrees in Pisces.

8 indicates power, strength and infinity. This incident has taken on mythical qualities as the urge to solve the mystery of the disappearing 777 jetliner has captured much of the world’s attention. 17 is the number of leaving a legacy behind.


But there’s more in the timeline of events that triggers a powerful ‘karmic’ numerology code – the presence of both numbers 8 and 4:

  • Transponder switches OFF: The plane’s transponder — which relays radar information on the plane’s location and altitude — stops transmitting at 1:21 am, which equals 4.
  • LAST Radar Contact: The plane slips off Malaysian civilian radar screens at 1:30 am which adds up to 4…
  • … while it continues to blip on military radars until 2:15 am which equals 8.
  • The co-pilot’s current name “Fariq Ab Hamid” adds up to 13/4.
  • “Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah” ‘s official name resonates to 40/4.

In numerology when the numbers 4 or 8 are is triggered several times alone or in combination in a current event (or between two people) they indicate a karmic, destined nature.


In this case the sheer amount of BOTH 4s and 8s creates an exponential energy release.


Can a modern airliner just vanish without a trace? I’m sure you remember when the Air France jet flying from Brazil to France vanished into the Atlantic Ocean on 1 June 2009.


There is an eerie similarity between the dates of these two mysterious disappearances:


   Air France jet vanished on 6.1.2009, an 18/9 Universal Date

   Malaysia Airlines vanished on 3.8.2014, an 18/9 Universal Date


In a current event or current name the number 18 symbolizes deception, martyrdom or materialism destroying the spiritual side of nature. 18 can indicate bitter power struggles.


Consider that the jet's abrupt U-turn was programmed into the on-board computer well BEFORE the co-pilot calmly signed off with air traffic controllers.


Now we must ask: What was the intent???


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Instant millionere to lossen up some tongues, give those families some relief, police commonly use this tactic to gain hidden info!


  • EddessaKnight 
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Providing Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s  DOB specifics:

July 31st 1961

"The pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, is 53/8 years old."

Actually,He Wouldn't Turn 53 Til' July 31st But For Some Reason I Don't Think He's Going To Get There.

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In response to eddessaknight

Point taken LottoBux, but perhaps, if the Captain takes the potential million$ reward money (as suggested above) he can make the next birthday in 2015 in Las Vegas where everything that happens stays in Vegas Wink  ???



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Smells like EVIL

usually associate  the following digits with EVIL/ triggers FEAR/ HELPLESSNESS:

750   5700     3750

003    0030  4310 

210   2100  218  2188  666/X  660.X  006/X6  2622

626  6266   270  2700  7277  2722  727  272  270 

1,  6,  10,  21,  26,  27,   43,  76



41,  42,  71

4441   4141  410  4100  4188  4111

422  4442  4242  4200  4299  4288

7177  771   710  7100  718  7188  7180  711  7111


333/x  888/x   3333  8888   380/x  338  388  3888  3338   3218  3210

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In response to MystiQue470

AMEN MystiQuest, I read as the numbers speak

Often time hell happens, when evil exceeds faith in overcoming it

Good hunting to those who seek out truth amongst the rubble of misdirection >>>>>

We have to see Emoji the invisible (incl #) to do the impossible.....


Good Weekend Blessings


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PM Najib Razak Official Says Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane 'Ended in the Southern Indian Ocean

R.I.P. & Condolances to grieving families

This news comes after Delays, mis-information, & misdirection by Malasian officials and comes on the heels of suspected wrekage being spoted in the same area

Now on to find the Black Box before batteries run out



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Malaysia Air- NOTE BENE;

 Malaysia Airlines flight carrying 271 people from Malaysia to South Korea on Monday was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Hong Kong after a technical fault involving an onboard generator, the airline said.


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Malaysia Airlines Mystery Deepens After Top American & Chinese Disease Experts Rushed To Indian Ocean

Phantom Plane

An unsolved mystery. Hopefully one day the real truth about  Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 will come to light.



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Official Report Extract:

A grim report prepared by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU) on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is stating today that within 24-hours of this aircrafts “diversion” to the highly secretive Indian Ocean US military base located on the Diego Garcia atoll, no less than four flights, within the past week, containing top American and Chinese disease scientists and experts have, likewise, been flown to there.



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Thanks For The Update Eddessa Thumbs Up

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Appreciate your interest LottoBux


Three weeks since reported missing Malasian Flight, multi task force iof satelites, naval ships, air search - lots of drift wood, etc still not one piece of verifiable evidece

What's missing or what's has really happend>>>

POSt-Time to offer multi ,million$ reward for relevant information to lossen tight lips; money often works


Fortes Fortuna Juvat


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