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Who uses LP's QP generator?

While I rarely play any lottey, here is what I did today.  I generated 50 lines for the MM.  Taking one number from each column, I played  5 lines.  For the MegaBall, I just picked numbers that appealed to my sense of punishment.

How do you use the QP generator?

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I like LP QP generator over our terminal QP's.  I use it straight up - all numbers on the same line.

However, there is one game in California called Daily Derby that I play once every so often.  You need to pick three horses (e.g., number 1 to 12) and race time 1:4x.xx. In a nutshell, it's two pick 3 merged together.  Terrible odds for the grand prize, but I play anyways.  When I do I will have LP QP generate four pick 3 QP's.  I use the first digit of the first three QP's as horse numbers, and the last QP as the race time.  I monkey around a little bit with the 11 and 12 horse. 

On the prediction board, I used LP's QP on our CA Fantasy 5 a few weeks ago (but didn't buy real life tickets) and it matched 4/5!  ~$400 I missed out on.

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In response to GASMETERGUY


THANK YOU>>>>>>>good question?????? but, U stated U "really" rarely play any lottery<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Psyko wants 2 know moe on UR thoughts>>>,  U try'n 2 use Psyko's ole QUICK TRIX>>>>>>>>>>>>?????


YOU>>>>>>>>>>>>can't trick D QUICK TRIX if U>>>>don't play UR ##########'$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!


In response to psykomo

My focus is on finding a profitable algorythm for determining which numbers to play.  I am enjoying the hunt.  One might not exist but until I have exhausted all avenues I will continue looking, thinking, researching, reading, and testing.

I am utilizing LP's quick pick generator right now.  I am tracking several P5 games in conjunction with the generator.  So far, I haven't found anything upon which to hang my hat. 

Maybe if I combined the generator with binary.......??  Gotta go!

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I use it occasionally.

I won $450 with it a while back (MM).

I always pull up 50 lines and then play whatever numbers are on my regular birthday/lucky number lines.

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I went crazy and bought a 2nd MM ticket and used LP QPs.  I also pull up about 10 lines and choose one.

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This is an Excel macro that I use to pick bingo numbers. Maybe it wiil bring someone luck. You will have to setup up your worksheet like this.











Sub Bingo()
   Dim X As Long, Z As Long, RandomIndex As Long
   Dim Tmp As Variant, Bingo As Variant, Xoffsets As Variant, Yoffsets As Variant
   Static AlreadyRandomized As Boolean
   Xoffsets = Split("0,1,2,1,0,1,2", ",")
   Yoffsets = Split("0,0,0,1,2,2,2", ",")
   ' Make sure the Randomize statement is only run one time to maximize randomizations
   If Not AlreadyRandomized Then
     AlreadyRandomized = True
   End If
   ' Assign numbers 1 to 75 to a one-dimensional array
   Bingo = Evaluate("TRANSPOSE(ROW(A1:A75))")
   ' Randomize the array by going through it only one time
   For X = UBound(Bingo) To LBound(Bingo) Step -1
      RandomIndex = Int((X - LBound(Bingo) + 1) * Rnd + LBound(Bingo))
      Tmp = Bingo(RandomIndex)
      Bingo(RandomIndex) = Bingo(X)
      Bingo(X) = Tmp
   ' Output the randomized array as Bingo type numbers
   For X = 1 To 21 Step 4
     For Z = 0 To 6
       Cells(X, "C").Offset(Yoffsets(Z), Xoffsets(Z)).Value = Bingo(7 * Int(X / 4) + Z + 1)
End Sub



Here is what occured.  The first column of my 50 QP contained the number 11.  The second column contained the number 19.  The third and fourth column did not contain the numbers 24 and 33 respectively.  The fifth column contained the number 51.  The MegaBall column did contain the number 7.

Now what does all this mean?  Nothing yet but I will do this again for Friday's draw and see what happens.

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