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Even if you don't play often do you always think about the lottery?


Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering if people who do not play often still think about the lottery a lot? Even though I've cut way down on my playing I think about the lottery all the time. I'm always trying to think of different ways that I could someday win something and still stay on my budget.  The losses are not getting me down like they use to because what I lose by playing now I can afford to lose. Some of my friends think that I'm obsessed with the lottery because I talk about it often. I'm usually looking up my states lottery website to see who has won big prizes and in what towns they were won in.  I'm even thinking of spending time picking numbers on draw games instead of just using QP's. Realize it takes more effort to spend the time to pick my own numbers but those times I did that I won more than using QP's.  It looks like some people who respond to posts don't play often but like to stay in the game. It seems I'm the kind of person who thinks of the lottery often but will always stay on the realistic side of knowing I will always have to work till I die. Lottery is a way for me to daydream about the what if scenario and how life changing that could be.

Shelby Mustang

LOL I think about winning all the time. About every other minute Im thinking about it

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Hi Shelby Mustang,

LOL. Glad to know we are on the same page.

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Same, constantly thinking how i`m going to spend the money.

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I am constantly thinking of new strategies to try, and reading stories about others that have won.

I review past winning lottery numbers; hoping inspiration will strike, and the winning numbers will just pop into my head for the next lottery drawing :)

Shelby Mustang
In response to Freedom777

Especially when I have an unexpected bill or needed car or household repair

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In response to shyguitar

I hear what you are saying shyguitar.  There are times I want to go outside of my lotto budget to play like I use too.  Like $10 mega millions tickets and $15 powerball tickets but that adds up and then soon I am over my budget.  So I just stick to my multi draw tickets at the beginning of each month because it covers the whole month.  Then if I win a prize I can spend that extra on lotto but usually I just get drinks like powerade with the extra cash.  This year I have saved bye buying the multi draw tickets because I have one set of mega millions ticket that I like to play and two sets of powerball that I like to play.  They are all my own picked numbers to keep in the game so hopefully they will come in soon.-weshar75

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Yep, lottery winners are the only ones getting ahead!

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