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Texas All or Nothing day draw

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Well there were 11 even numbers draw in the day draw. There were no jackpot winners but 239 2nd prize winners for $500 each. If all the numbers had been even, the parimutuel would have been just over $21,000 each. Which is why I quit playing all even numbers when they changed the rule last year.

Apparently not everybody understands it yet.

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If the even/odd and high/low options are still on the bet slips, they will continue to play. Can you make "call bets" asking for two QPs, all even/odd or, all high/low?

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The even/odd, 1st 12/last 12 options are not on the betslips anymore. However a person just has to fill out the even or odd, 1st 12/last 12 on the betslip. Just a little more work.

I'm kinda surprised that many people would play numbers like that. After what happened last year it was pretty obvious that a jackpot will be split among a couple hundred winners. Well that was proven today. If 22 had been drawn instead of 15, there would have been 239 "jackpot" winners. LOL.

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Imagine if it would have been an evening or night draw, which surely has more sales.

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