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You'll like this P-3 system dealing with a new way to use the number 3


I've dabbled with using the number 3 in workouts for a while now. But just when I thought I was out of ideas, I saw something different and put it to a 10 day backtest in Florida. Hopefully it works as well in your state.

You simply take the last winning number and multiply the number 3 in a way that doesn't make it a mechanical system, meaning it isn't "fixed" to one criteria like the number 3. Even though we continually use the number 3, how the results are positioned makes it different than any other application I've used in the past. The movie "Contact" came to mind when I was looking for another way to use the 3. The code was broken only when the code was written in 3-D, and that's what I've somewhat incorporated into this pick-3 system.


It's a simple system. Take your last winning number and place it like below. The example below is from a real drawing in Florida.

Examples, Florida

Feb. 18 eve-867


Multiply 3x8=24

Multiply 3x6=18

Multiply 3x7=21

Now arrange them like this below,

2 4 1

8 2 1

Feb. 19 mid-842





More real examples of Florida.

Feb. 15 eve-594

Feb. 16 eve-117


1 5 2

7 1 2





Feb. 17 mid-604

Feb. 17 eve-201


1 8 0

3 1 2




What I haven't shown you is all the pairs I got when there was no three number winner. One example below.

Feb. 19 mid-842

Feb. 19 eve-244


2 4 1

2 0 6


Great, let me know how well it works in your state.


The power of the number 3 is ubiquitous. This works even without a lottery. Check this out.

Just a couple of minute ago I randomly picked two 3 digit numbers. 317 and 924, as if they were back to back draws.

3 1 7

9 2 4


317 workout, 924 was so close.

0 9 0

3 2 1


Pick-4 may be a little more tricky and need tweaking.

Feb. 15 mid 3111

Feb. 17 mid-0953


3111 workout results below, the missing number 5 IS a mirror of 0. Wink

0 9 0 3

0 3 0 3


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TY - interesting

In response to onlymoney

Thanks for sharing, Onlymoney!

will surely check it out here in NJ...I too am always trying to work on number relationships from many perspectives, and inovations like this cannot be ignored. There is a nugget waiting!

Best of luck to ALL!


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Thanks for sharingSmash

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In response to onlymoney

Hey onlymoney! thanks for sharing this formula. Really glad its working in Florida. Texas numbers seem to be close but always just one number off.


Thanks everyone.

If you see that it goes into a dry spell, try the following. Instead of using only 3 when multiplying, try a multiple of 3, meaning 3-6-9. And another twist is when encountering a 0 when multiplying, use both the real math result and double 00. Example, 9x0=09, or 00

Check this out, Florida,

Feb. 23 mid-460



460 workout,




1 2 3            1 2 3

6 0 0            6 0 9





Feb. 22 eve-305

Feb. 23 mid-460


0 9 0

6 4 5



Feb. 22 mid-010


This was a close one.

0 3 0

6 0 0





Feb. 21 eve-430

Feb. 22 mid-010


1 2 1

8 0 0





Feb. 19 mid-842



2 4 2

4 1 8





Feb. 19 eve-244

Feb. 20 mid-430


0 6 2

4 3 6

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That is awesome. Even closer results using this new one. Have you had to use mirrors to get any of the results on other backtests?

In response to david321

Yes I've seen mirrors but didn't shown them here. Usually one number turned into a mirror will show a winner.

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Thank you for sharing this with us. It looks very promising here in the Philippines. I'vegot one clarification though... shall I put a zero if the result of the multiplication is a single digit only? Example: 

Mid result....731 = 7x3=21

                             3x3=  9  or shall I put 09?

                             1x3=  3  or is it 03?

Thank you again and more power...

In response to Yugort

I choose two numbers as 09 for example instead of just 9 because I need to fill in the required spots.

Imagine I didn't do this, I'd end up with 219

7x3=21                                               3






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Thanks a bunch for the reply! I'll post  a message again if I will be lucky! :-)

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Im back testing startin @ the first of this month in FLA.. So far no hits, but


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