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Water dream

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Hello Everyone,

Just had another dream last night/this morning:

-Was 1st on a bus which then turned into a train. Went around lots of curves on the tracks. Came to a stop and found myself cleaning out tea cups filled with clear water. As I gathered my bags a lady on the train asked if I drank a lot of water and that water is good for you. I told her that I use water to make tea and that I also drink a cup of hot water each day (In real life i don't just drink hot water).

I told her that i was let go of my job and just found out that I had won some kind of lottery and I was glad to clean out everything from my work.

Any thoughts on:

- Water

-Clean Water


-Bus / Train

Thank you all in advanced for your replies!

Blessings and Favor....

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Clean water is a spiritual dream.

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Dreams represent our subscious mind and what is to come. Most of the time when I dream they usually come true, espcially when I see numbers. 

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In response to youniqueme29

7124    1247      124/x






7,  15,  21,  23 ,24, 32, 36

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Water 127-113-944-250-123-862-4533
Water 705-506-685-123-697-780-481-087-698-396-5981-3106-0398
Clear water 123-560-015-869-696-0815-a993-833-9345

Water- Sign of receiving expensive gift

Tea 961-168-691-094-181-199-164-5731-7210
Tea- Sign of good news regard to someone's health. Surprise improvement .

Bus 463~997-7161--408
Train 144-154-645-786-785-858-691-196-735-4257-0187-5332
Train 664-219-738-2909
Train - improvement in finances 

Track 421-112--047-374-811-9883
Curves 508-694
Cup 555-634-868-452-364-6453--335



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In response to gsWinner

929-967-946 967x 29x 67x 46x *9
Clean 596-145-135-178-145-467-6769-1757-713-327-630
Cleaning 660-855-597-423-3025-3521


clean 325-268-3858

water 679-176-5793

tea 377-362-5813

train 959-673-5114

bus 261-778-8363

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