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Pick 4 Straights


Why is a 10000 to 1 game so hard to hit....

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...because it's 10,000 to 1.

There are too many combos for you can do most times is a boxed - but who wants that? I want

the straight @ $2,500 for a .50 straight bet or $25k for a $5 bet (10x .50 of course..anything more and you're

waiting for your least here in PA you are. Forget that.)

Good luck and I hope you get one.

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No it is not hard as you think. It takes patience, determination & committment. With Number slasher, its possible to hit str8 every time but it depends on how much you want to spend to get str8...

In response to pick4lvr11

I agree.  U have any good templates??

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