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Recent Trend in Cash 3, FL

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Lately in Cash 3 , FL it makes sense to take last game's numbers, make pairs out of them, then add 1 and make another 3 pairs. Those 6 pairs have to be played as Front pairs and as Back pairs, it makes 12 tickets. You can also flip them, that makes then 24 tickets. The win can be $50 or double win $100. It does not happen every day, or every game, but is latest little trend. Try your luck.

Example: 738.

Make pairs 73, 78, 38. Add 1: 74, 79, 39.  Flip them: 37, 87, 83, 47, 97, 93. Now play as Front and Back pairs.

Result: 978.

97 and 78 did hit. Win is $100.

This is only for people who will not regret loosing $24, for the ones who are obsessed with the game anyway.

Remember, trends do not less too long. I say, win once and then switch the trend.

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Remember, trends do not less too long. I say, win once and then switch the trend.

Funny you mention this because I'm working on something like that.

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I would call that a fluke............if anything..........

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What, in your opinion, is the underlying cause of "trends" in the FLA Pick 3?

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You seem to be  a well read person, what do you think about Lottery?

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It's not just with the P-3 in FLA. Everything that involves "action" produces trends, patterns, and quirks that a learned person can see.

With the P-3, the problem is to find those patterns that are forever screwed up, thanks to the officials' evil and clandestine operations like the many pre, and post test draws, rotation of tubes and machines, conducted under the guise of maintaining the equipment. Why not have a camera pointed at the machines recording overnight. Problem solved.

Adding another draw (mid) in 2008 didn't help either.

Having said that, to answer your question, "Chaos" produces trends. Chaos can't stay chaotic ALL the time. There will be convergences a good precentage of the time, such as clumps, or clumping. The trick is to know when it wants to be chaotic, and when it wants to have some form. And to make it worse, the officials throw many monkey wrenches on top of everything.

I tuly believe if i ever stay in the black on a regular basis playing the P-3 as a living, I'll have to think way out of the box. All I know now is that the best approach has something to do with the number 3, and it's multiple like 9. The info is still raw though. Or the dimensions of the four sides of the Pyramid intergrated somehow with the numbers 3 and 9. Maybe 12. But the workouts can't remain the same using the same numbers over and over. Somehow those numbers must be manipulted after each draw to be successful.

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I think the lottery is a good source of entertainment and I play it when I'm in a state that offers one.  I don't think it makes good economic sense to pay for software or books which claim to give you an edge in the lottery.  That money is best spent buying more tickets.  Here's more detail on my views of the lottery...

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