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Scenario: You have won over $200 mil and you inundated with calls for help- do you move or stay?

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You have lived in your neighborhood for years, you like the place but your suddenly fortune has made you the " go to person for any financial help ". From paying off a parking ticket,a mortgage, College education, you name it.

Do You....

A- Decide to take the heat thinking you can ride this storm out.

B- Build a High Fence around your property.

C- Change your Cellphone number.

D- Become the local Hermit. 


** Have a Great Weekend People.. l would like to come back Monday to news that someone from the Forum won either jackpot...Here's to wishing!!


* Those who say it cannot be Done, should not interrupt those who are doing it.- George Bernard Shaw

In response to noise-gate

I would think that no matter how much you like your place, you would have to move. If i won 200 mil, I would have to move because no matter how much people say it won't change them, it will. But if you're only giving these 4 choices I would definately change my number.

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Coin Toss

The Missouri lottery used to have a section on What To Do When You Win on their FAQ page but I don't see it anymore since the site has been revamped.

Anyway, they suggested changing phone numbers, getting a P.O. Box, and blowing town for a while.

I guess that assumes your place wouldn't get trashed while you were gone or they should have added hired 24 hour security.

Of noise-gate's choices in the OP I'm with Mattapan, eventually you'd have to move, but of the choices chabnge your phone number. Everyday maybe.

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Pita Maha

Change the cellphone number asap, arrange security for my home, immediately leave town for at least a month where I can think and plan in peace.  I'd hope the worst of the storm would be over by then but I don't believe it would be the end of it. Not for a long time, unfortunately.

Not allowed to build high fences where we live and the thought of putting up with beggars and belligerents showing up at my door would drive me batty and make me feel unsafe.  Not interested in being a hermit either.  So I'd move.  Since I'm Australian, I'd have the option of moving there if it was the only option for avoiding being hassled but I'd miss this place.

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In response to noise-gate

Per the title of the topic, MOVE and become a hermit

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Jon D
In response to noise-gate

Like most others, I choose the strangely unlisted option:


The others don't make sense:

A- waiting won't make the moochers forget that a multi-millionare lottery winner lives next door

B- a high fence destroys your view, so you wouldn't be liking your place so much then

C- superfluous. ever heard of call blocking? or not answering? and the moochers still know where you live

D- how can you enjoy your neighborhood by being a hermit and not going outside or into town?

Just move. Why win a life changing Jackpot and not try to change the state of your meager existence? If you dare to step outside of your comfort zone at home sweet home, you may find there are better homes, better neighbors and hoods in distant lands.

Shelby Mustang
In response to noise-gate

Just tell them to go to HE-- and give them directions to get there...

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I'd probably get written off at the end of the day anyway.  They'd have to EARN that money dealing with me. 

Example:  Train, run and finish 26.3 with me.  There MIGHT be some money at the finish line.  Oh, it's not coming easy that's for sure.  If they ever do get any real money from me, they'll feel so flippin guilty that they won't ask for more.  How important was I before?    Now the homeless might wake up with a picture of Benny Frankie in their pocket... That's another story though.  I've been homeless, so I have a soft heart for some of those guys/gals...sort of.

I'd have to move, I live in the city (crazy folk)...

In response to BigDMike

There's a city in Antarctica?  Who knew?

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I like where I live although it would become one of 2-3 homes (not elaborate homes) I would have. If people are showing up at your home and property and not leaving, you can call the police and file an action. A few times of doing that will take care of most of them. You can also hire a bodyguard for the first few months and have this person "greet" anyone who comes to your door (with a taser in hand). I have no issue telling people to leave.These people are looking for easy marks, not someone who is threatening legal actions against them. Letters can be tossed and you can change your phone number and give it out to a few people (and you can have the phone listed under some business name). I'd be less concerned with these people than people who do it the indirect way and want to be your new friend and pretend they do not know you won the lottery (and then spring a request on you later for $).

Shelby Mustang
In response to Artist77

The heck with a bodyguard...As long as we have stand your ground I dont need a body guard. I'll be my own bodyguard and it wont be a taser on my side either

Artist77's avatar - batman14

By having a 3rd party answer your door, you would not be admitting that you lived there. The bodyguard would ask who the person is looking for and say "I don't know anyone with that name", even though the $ seeker would know that is a lie and would be forced to leave. This might "out" the bigger nuts who might demand to see me.  I live in a middle class and very well educated neighborhood so the people coming to the door (from somewhere else) would be limited.

A number of years ago, a neighbor's townhouse was for sale and the sign was placed to make it look like my end unit was for sale. I started getting calls at work ASAP from neighbors about people being in my yard (people assumed it was my place for sale). I called the agent and told her if the sign was not removed within the hour, my neighbors were authorized to call the police and have these people arrested for trespassing. Just before that, I came home to some crazy woman peeping in my front windows who wanted to argue with me about my home being for sale. I told her I was calling the police. The problems ended immediately. I would expect the same with a lottery win.

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In response to Artist77

I might be partial to renting a campground lot and having a P.O. Box for a mailing address. Probably have 2-3 places, each one in a different state, with that kind of wealth.

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In response to CDanaT

I agree. I think most of the $ solicitations will be via mail so I will save those for my future book. lol

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In response to Artist77

A book ??? great idea....maybe even a show with a panel of 3 commenting each letter thats read !!!

It could be called, "Letters to the Lotto Winner"....have 3 different panelists each week and make it a comedy.

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