QPs and numbers good VS numbers not drawn


I don't normally buy QPs but bought some last week and again this week. Only bout 2 lines   I have a friend that normally buys 5 lines   What I noticed last night is none of the numbers on the slip were drawn which would have meant we could have eliminated 17 numbers. Now,  sure this is not always the case but i thought with all the folks on here maybe we should start posting our QPs ONLY  not our own numbers and  start doing a comparison   Anyways just a brainstorm. Let me know what you all think   I will get a couple myself to get it started

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Lately I have only bought QP's. Just got tired of picking numbers. Usually just buy 1 line for each game unless Tx 2 Step is up there, then I'll get 5 lines. Anyway, I had 2 correct numbers in the first 5 for the last MM draw, first 5 numbers were QP, MB was my pick.

When I buy tics for the work pool, I almost always pick the numbers because I want to play as many numbers as I can. Last night's PB I had 4 of the 5 winning numbers on 5 lines, but non on the same line.

Didn't your wife win big on a QP a while back?


Yes my wife won a million$ on a QP a few months back.

I'm not saying QPs are bad by a long shot because the odds are over 70% of the winners are from a QP. I'm just curious how the QPs look from game to game.  Idk just another thing to look at and gauge. I'm hoping to get actual pics of the QPs rather than my ticket had all the numbers out of 10 lines or my ticket had the 26 and 28. I'm hoping tO see or find sOme type of pattern

Sorry for any misspelling but I'm on my iPhone. Lol

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According to most lottery websites, QP account for 70% of the winners so maybe we should use a couple of lines of the numbers we pick as a guide for which numbers to avoid playing. Wink

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The lottery will tell you that you have to validate your numbers. It doesn't matter how you pick them.

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Yes - I would be interested in knowing the difference between the sucess rate of QP earnings as opposed to Self-Pick.  Question??? Whats methods do you use to study the numbers?

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I haven't been keeping track of my QP vs self-picks, but I know that I do better with QPs for some reason. I believe it's because they tend to be truly random (in most cases), whereas self-picks might follow some sort of pattern or repeated usage (same numbers, hot/cold numbers, etc). Of course, they both have the same chances of occuring, so even what is perceived as a pattern could in fact be genuinely random. I know conscious selection affects the lottery side. There is a slight correlation between certain numbers and multiple winners.


From time to time I think that QPs are good for eliminating possible numbers. Where I live it seems that whenever I buy a quick pick, it has multiple digits from the previous drawing. And I have yet to ever have a QP pick a correct bonus ball for MM or PB.

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I seem to have gotten 1 number on a quick pick and 1 from my chosen set lately...What?...what's up with that ???


Not sure how I feel about this, I play mostly my own numbers (about 17 years) because I feel that one day the machine will get around to my numbers before I leave this earth??????  I do pick up at least 5 lines of QP's, which most of the time they are losing tickets.  I do better with my own numbers, because a lot of the time I get something back.  I still feel that Powerball and Mega Millions is not truely random, and I can not explain how it is not truely random.  Just a feeling.


Have you tried picking the PB or MM ball number and letting the machine pick the 5 white balls? Or switch it around.


Can you really avoid any numbers?

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The drawing makes the winner, not the method.

If you want to go deeper into statistics, you will find enough math on wikipedia.

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If you want to avoid number 23, then you do not play it! Naughty


Why would I avoid the number 23?

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