What was the most amount of money you ever won on a single ticket?


For me it was $30 purchase scratch off  from New York "Win $1,000,000 A Year For Life". It was worth $5,000. -Good times!

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Wow great hit!! Mine was a $20 scratch-off for a $100, turned around and bought another $20 and won $120

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$2002 in the California lottery in 1987, 5 of 6, oh so close.


5 of 6 Pennsylvania match 6 off a qp $1,027.00 before that $500 on a scratch off. Next day spent $40 chasing 10 and $20 wins looking for that big one. Later that night kid hit $50,000 on the roll I was chasing. Didn't buy a scratch off for 5 years after that.

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A similar thing happened to ScratchMe yesterday in California.  He bought two $5 tickets from a machine, both losers.  Then a lady bought the ticket right after his, and she won $77,777 (top prize).

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It was a long time ago - in the 90's.  Can't remember the exact amount but it was about $1600.

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Hurray!BananaWell done Win$500Quick! They say good things run three's.....


I once bought a Powerball with Powerplay and won $400.

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Thats awesome Win congrats!

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Oh man thats terrible, talk about sooo close!


seems i never win anything ugh


somone did win the state lotto on the day i ment to buy a ticket at the same dang place   grrr

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Wow!!! congrats on your big winHurray!

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back in 05 I hit for around $850 on a Fantasy 5, hit for $2300 on the slots in 06, hit $1600 on the slots in 08

Thats far

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Won 100 on scratch off couple months ago. And 80 on box  pick3. Not good but I won't give up.

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