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Isn't this the most unhappy lottery winner EVER?

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She won $500,000 in a scratchoff game in VA.



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I think I may have to vote for Jack Whittaker

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In response to Artist77

By the look on her face I'm thinking maybe she didn't really want her picture taken.

Cuz she's thinking about all the people that she didn't want to know that she won big bucks.

And now they're gonna know.

Artist77's avatar - batman14
In response to rdgrnr

lol You are probably right.

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In response to Artist77

Yikes, she is a sour puss.

Shelby Mustang
In response to rdgrnr

LOL it's only 500k, I would hope she could keep her wits about her and tell them her bills and wants take precedent

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She should be grateful, its not easy winnning a huge jackpot

In response to rdgrnr

                                       I Agree!

In response to Artist77

Perhaps all lottery players are losers at heart?

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In response to rdgrnr

I Agree!   She is cringing at the onslaught of free loaders who are ready to pounce on her.

If this $500k is an annuity, she most likely will get 25k per year BEFORE taxes and that is just barely enough to supplement her income.

Her financial situation will get a slight boost but the general public will look at her as being $500k richer and will be compelled to get a piece of that payout. In their mind, they feel entitled to her winnings.

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In response to Jill34786

Jill don't forget that if it is 500k in cash it puts her in the 39.6% tax bracket and on top of that she now has to pay the extra 3.8% Obamacare
tax (not to mention any state taxes).

So, after the government is done with her it would be closer to a $250,000 win.  Maybe she is unhappy because she already got half of it taken by the Gov!

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perhapps she just heard the taxes on the winning, then SNAP!

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In response to Think

The game she played is called 50X the money. It has a top prize of $5 million which is paid out in equal installments over 30 years or has a lump sum cash value of $3.4 million.

This lady is married so anything above an AGI of $450k is taxed at 39.6%(anything below that amount is taxed anywhere from 10-35%). Federal taxes on an AGI of 500k for married filing jointly is $145,645.

Virginia does have a state income tax and once you factor in her entire tax obligations as you alluded to could very well be the reason for the frown on her face. 

I am not familiar with scratch off ticket payouts so she may indeed be looking at a 500k payout since it is a 2nd place prize. I am simply basing this on the fact that both MM and PB 2nd place payout is the advertised number before taxes.

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Coin Toss
In response to Artist77


Maybe she is 'smiling' in that picture!

I'm sure everyone here has known someone like that.

Or, she's related to Grumpy Cat!

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Maybe she has no teeth.

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