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How do you determine if a system is worth buying?

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 If you have purchased a system or have considered purchasing a system ...What would be the determining factor when deciding to purhcase?  I saw an ad for a "winning system" posted online and there was an ATM withdrawal receipt posted to boost claims the system works.  This person supposedly has been winning and has a bank account of over $300,000.  This looks fake to me but you never know. 


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You never really know what you're looking at.  Every time I think it has to be one of two things it turns out there was a third option.  Who knows, maybe this guy started with a million and after hard work on his system has $300,000. left.  Look, if the system worked, if it was a winner, he would NOT be selling it.

The problem isn't the $9.99 fraud, it's how much money you burn trying to win with it.

Part of the lure of these systems is, "What is it?"  If reasonably priced you pay your $9.99 skim through it trying to find anything actionable, <sigh> then you see if the trash button still works. 

Even when you know exactly how to win.  Even when you can see how you could have won the previous draw with only a handful of tickets.  It is still almost impossible to even come close because something will always come along to knock your play out of the park.  Shouldn't stop you from trying.


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I would never buy a system, I can't recall any of the big JP winners saying they had a system.

that ATM receipt would be easy to fake, and just a way to get your confidence !

Also, only an idiot would keep over $300,000.00 in a checking acct.

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How do you determine if a system is worth buying?

The best thing to do is try them for yourself.

In response to helpmewin

I Agree!


Ask yourself this question:  If a system is good, they why are they selling it?

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In response to needinghelp

Even if it was an actual receipt - was it his/her receipt????  Many times people are in a hurry - they take their money & leave the receipt behind.  Either in the machine or in the waste basket next to the machine.  Don't believe everything you see.

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Any system or program that does what you want it to do is worth buying if you can afford it, but first you have decide what you need it to do to help you win.  Predicting a random event(winning lottery numbers) is almost impossible but some players think if they know certain facts from previous drawings then it's easier so you'll probably want a program/system that provide that information for you.

KY Floyd

"What would be the determining factor when deciding to purhcase?"

Is it free? If not they're charging more than it's worth.

In response to BobP

"The problem isn't the $9.99 fraud, it's how much money you burn trying to win with it."

IMO the biggest problem with some of the systems we see on LP is the cost of play because most are daily play and with tweaking (add 1 and subtract 1, use mirrors, flip the 6 and 9, play straight/box, and yada yada yada) if all the combos are played, a box win can't cover the bet.

I was given a system for free and hit a pick-3 number straight on my first bet. But it was a spot play system and the same betting circumstances still hadn't reappeared six months later.

In response to RJOh

A good system probably involves an identifiable anomaly in the drawing statistics. It's more likely such a system would be for digit number games like pick- 3, pick-4 and possibly pick-5.

"Predicting a random event(winning lottery numbers) is almost impossible"

That depends on how close the random event is to the probability. I wouldn't give a pick-3 system that never included one of the digits from the previous drawing much credibility. I only know of one jackpot game system for a 5/37 game that won the jackpot, but the cost of guaranteeing a win using that method is much higher than most players would bet ($1122 per drawing). With some of the Steve Player systems that do work, the amount a player must bet is again too high for the average player.

I wouldn't suggest buying a system when played correctly, the cost of play is more than the player wants to bet.

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Lucky Loser

In my opinion, the player must first be able to sufficiently identify with what the developer is explaining in their system in terms of why it must work. Every player sees something different from the next because all have different levels of understanding math in general and this is most of the problem. If the player can't fully interpret what to do, when to do it, why to do it, and how, then the system will always be a failure. Then, there's the money aspect which is the biggest problem of 'em all. Stack made a very good comment above on how playing all the combos will require more than a box hit to cover the money spent in the even of a hit.

I've been saying the exact same thing, Stack. Even more so, when not enough combos are played to secure a good boxed hit within a certain amount of plays, the player will still need a str8 hit to cover the real time money expenses. This is where the other thing called balance, which I've also been stressing, comes into play. When a player is truly on their game and understands full well what's going on, they have no problem spending the right money to ensure the correct hit to both recover and make money. Stack actually mirrored what I've been saying about players getting lucky that one good time on a str8 with very little money and then not being able to even come close to duplicating it again.

In fact, these situations are only going to be amplified in the coming days because people really believe that getting something for nothing in a game like this happens frequently. Luck happens, but not to the same person in the same fashion frequently. Luck is never consistent, but it's appreciated when it does visit...and people are satisfied with that. Problem is that you can't know when or if luck is coming back. Skill separates the men from the boys and the girls from the women...and also let's you know when it's time to play and win. Skill is extremely dependable. I say that with respect and within reason of the player's proficiency.

As I said before, if you really wanna know if something works, just follow the numbers: how many numbers, the cost, how many days played before a hit (if any), then subtract the amount of what has been spent from the amount won on the hit. This will let anyone know if what they're watching is worthwhile...everytime. I can tell you right now that based on the average amount of what 90% of people want to spend here, they better hit boxed within (4) plays. Numbers never lie.



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In response to needinghelp

If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

Create your own system, takes time and hold on to your cash until you get good at it.

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In response to needinghelp

Unfortunately, lottery software sellers do not reveal their system's real life simulations or evaluations to demonstrate what the software is capable of doing and how good it is (or can be) in predicting winners. Without this, no matter how appealing the system appears you always buy a cat in a bag. For me a decent Pick 3 prediction system should have the following features:

1. Be based on actually drawn numbers.

2. Provide at least several statistical methods for predicting future numbers.

3. Track current trends in number appearance.

4. Allow to backtrack each prediction method BEFORE YOU  PLAY to see which one is most effective NOW.

5. Allow to wheel numbers for playing.

6. Track stats for singles-to-doubles current ratios.

For me all these are A MUST in any system if you want REALISTICALLY increase your chances of winning. I don't expect to win all the time but frequently enough and at such cost that I could realistically expect to make a profit, not all the time, but prequently. My simulations indicate that this is possible - with appropriate tools USED properly. (and this may take some trial-and-error).


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In response to needinghelp

If I hit using that system and won more than the cost of the system, then yes I would buy that system.

I have an example, my system produced a win in the Florida Pick-3 on Saturday, January 25, 2014. The winning number was 9-6-8 and my "Work Out" for the day gave me 9-6-8. All of the members who got the Work Out from me hit the number straight. I posted the number to the prediction boards right here on the Lottery Post:


mjwinsmithFloridaCash 3 Midday6-Way Box9-8-69-6-8$40
mjwinsmithFloridaCash 3 Midday6-Way Box8-6-99-6-8$40
mjwinsmithFloridaCash 3 MiddayStraight + 6-Way Box9-6-89-6-8$290

My system costs less than one of the "Box" wins for a month of service so would it be worth it to buy? Just saying, since I also post a lot of stuff FREE here on the Lottery Post in the Pick-3/4 Forums and to my Blog. I will check the prediction board stats later on today to see if for the month of January 2014 I made a net profit in the Florida Pick-3.

There are several states where I am way ahead of the game, Maryland and Missouri just to name a few. You can check the stat page here on the Lottery Post for the information.

Should you wish to follow me in those games go to my forum post, "Quick Nickels (Pick-3), (Pick-4)" right here on the Lottery Post. You can follow along for FREE and if you wish to go from there then pease contact me by private messge for more details.

For the Pick-3 you can go here:

For the Pick-4 then go to the forum here:

Both are right here on the Lottery Post and the information is FREE for all my friends here on the Lottery Post.

Thank you and good luck.


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