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Have you tried some of the advice from these " lottery books" out there?

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What were the results?- Did you win something where you would readily admit you are hooked and will continue to follow this method till you big the big one home?
Personally: l have not, and see no reason to do perhaps may think differently- why?

** Have a Great Week People.

Shelby Mustang

Never bought one of those, but I did buy one that say what you should do when you win the lottery

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Coin Toss
In response to Shelby Mustang

I thnk I have the one you're talking about Shelby. The author is a financial planner and mentioned Kidnap & Ransom insurance.



A pit boss once told us that after you're 'in the business' (casino) for a few months you won't be able to look at a book on gambling without thinking, "This guy is full of it, too."

I think that holds true for most books and information on all forms of gambling. Many are writtrn by players just trying to make more money to gamble with. Usually there are painfully obvious errors in such books, too.

Lottery is a little different, but truth be told, how many jackpot winners are there? Considering most of them won with a quick pick could they really put a valid book together.

There are exceptions in the gambling world though. A long time ago a guy named Ernie Kaufman, who called himself The Bookie Destroyer wrote an article called The Ten Commandments of Betting Pro Football. I made some copies of it and gave one to a blackjack dealer. I was still tracking it on paper on one particular Sunday and she went down the list and bet it live and hit a 7 teamer.

One of the commandments was Ye shall not bet the Monday night game just to try and make up for Sundays' losses.

Some of the otheres were things like teams with 'astroturf' at home not giving up points to natural grass teams on the road.

Then again, in the gambling world it's though that only two things can really be beat consistently, sports and poker.


PS, Bookstores in my area just dont have books on the lottery. Kind of odd with as many lottery books as there are. It can't be a "Bible belt" thing because there are plenty of books on pokers and casino games.

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In response to Coin Toss

Interesting Coin T.
I was thinking more on the lines of people purchasing that Howard woman's book or some other individual who seems to be " long in the tooth" when it comes to giving lottery & other money making advice.

In response to noise-gate

Can you be specific on "these lottery books" out there?

Not all books are created equal.

Is the Old Testament=New Testament=Koran=Bhagavad Gita

If you have ever read a book and tried it you would know the results.

Personally you do not see a reason to do so because you are a non-lottery playing trollish mutant.

You could as much give advice on picking a winning PB number as you can on giving advice on being a decent human being.

The fact that instead of asking advice on which book to read, you DECLARE there is no reason to read a book.

This is AGAIN shining a light on your TRUE hidden malicious intentions.

No offense intended.

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In response to LottoBoner

What's with the " no offense" Gollum?
I have said it before and l will say it again, you carry a hard on for people you dislike because you feel threatened by them. Geez, l had no idea my mere posting a question has you trembling in your Speedo..
Your posts are almost always" Troll-Like", do l see a pattern emerging here?, oh yes l do.
I gave you sound advice the last time or was it the time before?
Take up a hobby that does not involve annoying people, well you still at it. I suggested getting a girlfriend or boyfriend depending on your choices,  seems you not good at that either. The situation seems hopeless- in times past- a lobotomy would have been the last resort. Perhaps its time to unearth that apparatus once more.
Bye Troll- you have entered the " backlist zone".

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In response to noise-gate

Since I don't play for the small $, and no one out there has won multiple JPs, there doesn't seem to be any point in paying for their advice when the money could be spent on tickets. The ones that discuss what to do after winning would probably make interesting reading but until I actually win something is a little pointless at the moment.

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In response to Teddi

Sounds reasonable Teddi- l wonder how many person's would admit they bought Richard Lusting book on how to " increase" your chances to winning the lottery though?

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I was just on amazon today looking for some books to help me with pick 4 and pick 3.. I am not one of those people that have a system and can tell when a  number might pop up based on numbers from the past. I feel like i'm horrible at thatTwitch.  I kinda just play numbers I like and I realize it's not really working for me in the long run.. I realize these pick 3 and 4's... there are ways you can figure out these stuff .. Not win all the time but come out a little better than just guessing... These folks I see on pick 3 and 4 threads are really good...  I like to try and see if these books may  be a little beneficial .. Smiley


I do not pay for books like this, BUT I will pick them up and read what I MIGHT find interesting when I am in a store that has them.  Often that works well as I pick out a chapter or two that interest me and ONLY look at that part, not getting caught up in the other crap they are selling/pitching.  I find THIS site, Lottery Post, a millions times better than ANY book, as you can find many people who 'think' like you do to talk to and discuss ideas with.

Thanks again Todd for this site! Thumbs Up

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No book can give you the ultimate answer to how to win lotteries, but once in a while you can come over some advice which might help you or give you some idea to work on.

I buy used cheap lottery books on  Abebooks and Ebay.

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For me lottery books fall into three categories.

1. Systems

2. Wheels

3. Advice

I have never tested a system that played at a profit over time.

Wheels are exactly what they are when tested.  If a wheel tests to guarantee 4if6 when conditions are met that is the least that can be won.

What you don't know can bite you.   


Shelby Mustang
In response to Coin Toss

It was called Lottery winners guide When it happens to you by Shayne Jones. I dont remember the kidnap insurance part, but it would be moot for me seeing as I have no kids

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No books, fortune cookies, birthday combos or wheels from this participant......No Nod

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Coin Toss
In response to Shelby Mustang

Shelby Mustang,

Oh, the one I was thinking of is called What To Do When You Win the Lottery.

It's referred to in a couple of archived threads here on LP.

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