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Sure miss the Lottery News when it was published back in 2001, ( at a cost of $1.95 at the Newstand)  and listed hot numbers, interesting charts, stategies and news,along with their lottery  columnists,such as Gail Howard and Steve Allensworth, just to name a few. 

Suppose Yours Truly, should upgrade my Lottery Post account to get the all the latest techniques and ideas. Always amazed to see "our family" numbers coming up, when I don't play them. What's up with that ?  ;-( 

Will just keep trying and when the time is right and my ship arrives, will say,Thank You Lord. 

Time to start visualizing the manifestations of what winning the big jackpot can bring,along with the challenges. 

Remember 2014 promises to bring more millionaires forward. And the benefit to states is that the lottery is a voluntary tax system as we play it and an invouluntary federal  tax system when we hit it big time. 

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Remember 2014 promises to bring more millionaires forward Thumbs UpI Agree!

Massachusetts Lottery has produced more than 12 people who have won at least $1M this month only. Talk about being at the right place and not getting struck by lightening lol

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