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Have you changed your tradegy to win the lottery?

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I will be getting into " advanced plays" this year, something l have not been keen on in the past.Given some reports of winners who play the same numbers week in week out- l am prepared to give this route a shot. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

* Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it- George Bernard Shaw.

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Jon D


well, I keep playing and never win, that is a tragedy.

and I use all kinds of strategy that worked for others, self pick, quick pick, advanced play, but still lose.

now that is what I call a tradegyThumbs Up

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In response to noise-gate

Try  it  val8

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In response to Jon D

You know Jon- you may be onto something there dude.Thanks for the heads up. That was totally brilliant.
I guess just playing is defined as a tradegy...what was l thinking? .
Make it a good year and win somthing. Peace.

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I think i might  mix things up and play a whole month  on quick picks onlym, instead of my regualr numbers.  ill  do feb as it wont be as long

Shelby Mustang
In response to noise-gate

Id still get a quick pick ticket along with my numbers, cover both bases

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Last week of December, I picked my own numbers to use instead of QP's.  We'll see how that goes...


My strategy is the same; translate my dreams and important events into numbers.  I matched 3 numbers and Megaball last Summer on MM's last run under its previous system, and lately I have matched the powerball and one or two numbers several times, all translating dreams and important events.  I believe Curry had a similar system.  I have done better this way than quick picks.  I mean better at matching anything; the new matrix doesn't pay.

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learn to play a game like the Pick 3 or something for smaller frequent wins.  Then you can bankroll a percentage of the wins to try more numbers for the big lottery.  If i played, I wouldn't play the same numbers all the time though.  If 1 or 2 of the numbers come up, I'd feel like the odds of them being drawn the next time is worse.  I'd probably find a couple of frequent numbers, play those, and just "guess" the others randomly.  I was in Indiana for a week and did that with some silly Keno game.  I knew I'd win and sure enough... 5k. I played some of the frequent numbers and just played different combinations of the others.   The stars lined up. 

That's state lotteries.  Now PB and Mega is different.  I would focus on the powerball and mega only.  You're not really winning anythig unless those match.  I'd just break those down into some type of categories (high/low, odd/even, sexy numbers etc.) and focus on that.  Maybe I'll get lucky and catch some of the other numbers too

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In response to savagegoose

I wish I could play your regular numbers while you're doing your QP's.

They'll come in for sure now.

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I do all I can to win. I buy online subscriptions. I buy tickets for individual draws online. I play Own Picks and also Quick Picks. I buy Scratch Ifs. I even do those lousy raffles. I do it all. Most I have won to date is $150. I play to win though I would alright just winning 2nd tier prize of either of the multi state jackpot games.

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In response to rdgrnr

thats right ,go on,  jynx me. 

heheh its cool tho. 

the  trick is not to check your reg numbers if you stop playing them.  we have loads of different in entry on different   games so it would  be hard to remember them all,


mon wed and sat there are 4 =12

pools and our power ball there are 2 lines = 4

and tue there is 1 line. = 1


so thats 51 sets of number, then  there are another set of same , for the syndicate i run with a buddy, and thn nother syndicate im in   that  another buddy  runs, with another similar set.


so a weeks worth means remebering 51 lines  i wont have a prob  not rmembering.

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