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Scratch Ticket Bug

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I wonder if it's possible to train, to perform selection of the sugar ants in manner that they'd , when placed on a surface of a scratch ticket ( say, used ones), would immidiately group around spatially similar shapes, for example, matching numbers or images on the scratch tickets? I think, it is possible, if in a large group of sugar ants the selector keeps only those that locate themselves on matching numbers. The selector isolates them and helps them to survive and reproduce. A speck of sugar can be their reward. Then, he's off to buy scratch tiskets... :)

May be racoon would be better. They are practically blind, they feel things under ground by touching the ground with their very sensitive paws, using radiolocation. The'd be perfect to train to recognise patterns on scratch tickets. Then , off to 7/11 you go with racoon in your arms and ask a  clerk if your lovely pet can pick the lucky ticket. How sweet! :)

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