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pick 5 play regular group for ga fantasy 5 or maybe another pick 5 game.


I play the Georgia fantasy 5/39, I am using a 7 number wheel that has 21 tickets that has a 5 out of 5 guarantee.

As you know wheels are good and picking a wheel with 5 out of 5 guarantee is better and picking the most amount of numbers is the key but very pricey but the odds are better. 

I am using lotto pro it, I notice it has a 12 number wheel with 5 out of 5 guarantee total tickets 792. It also has a filter option which will reduce the amount of tickets. I tested my wheel that I normally play and this wheel and each time there was 1 winning ticket and a bunch of 2 and 3 jackpots as well.  Say they are 10 people in the group and they are 792 tickets that’s 79.20 dollars per person. The minimum jackpot is 100k a few days ago it got up to 360k. We can work together on picking the numbers can also do screen share to see the hole process. Create our own website for updates and processing payments. 

I am open to other pick 5 games as you know the 3 and 4 odds are the best but the payout is ok, the 5 odds are below the 3 and 4 but the payout is good and the pick 6 forget it real touch odds. If we pool together and play more tickets with a wheel the odds are better. The lotto pro software prints tickets I configured it to where it does an accurate job on printing my 21 tickets. I don’t think anybody wants to write out 792 tickets

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