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Anyone know how long Ira Curry played her own numbers?


For long term people that play their own numbers, how long did she play the same numbers before hitting the jackpot.  But, it was still nice to know that she hit with her own numbers.

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No one would know that besides herself. I'm guessing it was probably most of her life since she said the last number was her family's lucky number.

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I can't rightly say.

Cuz I don't rightly know.

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I have no idea.  I have not seen it in any news releases.  She looks like a smart woman that won't blow through her millions.  I hope she is one of the successful ones that doesn't go broke or get divorced after winning.

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I like to know too.. I have been playing the same take 5 numbers for years and kinda gave up on it this year.. I guess I may have to give them a whirl again after hearing this.. It's just amazing she won with her families birthday's # and just on one ticket... that is true luck.. I wish her the bestCheers

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