I played 20 lines today on MEGA 636 PLUS Million dollar Jackpot How much did you Drop on It ?

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Mail For YouHow much did you wager today in Real Money ?   I put up 20 dollars only 4 quick picks  lol Good Luck ,or happy preadventure People LOLDance                                                                                                   Party

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10% of what you wagered.  I bought $1.00 yesterday and was going to stick with that.  But, I bought another $1.00 today.  Both QP's.

Good luck!


I splurged from five lines to eight lines.  I found some extra cans.

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I think I spent around $20 at most. I did drive around and hit a couple places buying single plays, just to raise my odds a bit.

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In response to dk1421

Looks like we have the same play style. $20 dollars spread across a few different locations.


$160.00 because of a office pool...

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Tuesday Night Winning Numbers;

8-20-14-17-39 MB-7

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In response to Jani Norman

A lot of low numbers.. i bet someone won...

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In response to SaintAndiesPl

I could see multiple winners.

I can tell you that it won't be me. $2 waged and $0 returned. Both tickets did have relatively low numbers though.

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Dropped $20 on qp's. I hit a couple of white balls but not enough to win anything. Didn't hit the gold ball on any of my lines. Maybe I'll get lucky with powerball tomorrow.

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In response to ttech10

I can definitely see multiple winners too.. those numbers came out as if it was old mega... I  played 2 dollars and got 1 number.. Crying

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In response to SaintAndiesPl

Call me selfish, but I hope that no one won tonight. I want anouther shot at it on Friday.

In response to Hamp101

I put 20 on it as well. But now, I'm afraid to look at my tickets.  What do I do ?

In response to LottoBoner

I purchased 10 lines but can't find one of the tickets with 2 lines on it. Good luck!

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In response to AmoWin

You better let me have those.

I don't want you having a heart attack.

I'll let you know if you won anything when I get a chance.

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I purchased $20 worth. I had 2 numbers  on one line and 3 on another but no mega ball. I really wish SC would print 10 lines on a ticket Instead of just 5.

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Lost $16


Played $200 in Georgia tickets are in the car not checking them until tomorrow.

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Since MM changed the game I cut back to only $3 per game.

Got the MegaBall plus one.

Why do I play 3 lines? Because Maddogs Mega Millions Challenge allows only 3 megaball number predictions Smiley

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$5. I'll get that back with a big win in pick 4.

Lol, now that the hype is over, we lotto players can return to normal. ;p

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