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Jackpot wins readiness threads. lol


It's hilarious. People on here preparing themselves in case of a win. You have to win first.

Many equate this to some college exam that will reward them if they pass in the end.


I have no problem with being prepared, but it has to be for everyday realistic situations. lol

Sitting around all day wondering how you'll react to the spotlight, if and when you win a Jackpot is living in La la Land.

Nikkicute's avatar - nnjx1k
In response to onlymoney

La La Land is about to become reality for someone.

The bottom line is someone is going to win this thing, it may not be on L.P.

but  whoever is going to win is doing the samething, dreaming about what they

are going to spend their winnings on.


Nothing wrong dreaming...Bed

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In response to onlymoney

I'm gonna get my back waxed.

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In response to onlymoney

You should ALWAYS have a plan ahead for everything

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Nothing wrong with being prepared .

sully16's avatar - sharan
In response to rdgrnr

lol, sounds painful.

Shelby Mustang
In response to onlymoney

When I check the ticket and see that I when I'll get pepared LOL

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I think it's better to have thought of winning and to have a well thought out and written plan beforehand.  Your mind will be clouded and you will think differently than if you had planned without the knowledge that you now have access to more money than you ever dreamed possible.  Just my .02

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I am one my Way Tonite is the Night!!!White BounceWhite BounceHappy Holidays to you!!

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But  ole   Ridge   is   tuff..........those  ole ' country   boys   always   are    Yes Nod


He  will  probably  take  it   all   in   stride........I  hope  Smile


If  not.....then  we  will  hear  an  echo  of  someone  hollering   from  those   hills  Thud

In response to rdgrnr

Oh. Ew. Reminded me of the 5 seconds I'll never get back flipping channels last night. Gal was getting her back side waxed and was told by the tech to hold those cheeks open.... 


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In response to onlymoney

The majority of people need to have a basic plan in place. I am not advocating a complete blueprint of how you will manage and spend your millions but compiling a list of important issues and concerns is mandatory.

You on the other hand if fortunate enough to win the jackpot would probably have no qualms dissecting everything you need to do while driving down to lottery headquarters.

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In response to Piaceri

I don't think we get TBWC (The Butt Waxing Channel) in Tennessee, Piaceri.

And I think I'm kinda glad, lol.

rdgrnr's avatar - walt
In response to Astekblue

I didn't really know about the pain part.

Maybe I should just have Sugar Britches do it with the weedwacker.

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In response to rdgrnr

LOL  LOL   LOL      Green laugh   ROFL

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