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What will happen if no one wins the next 5 drawings MM..


I would be really shocked if no one actually wins the next 5 drawings of the Mega Millions. Jan 3rd jackpot would be in this _ _ _ range.. What's your best guess or thoughts on this topic?


With half the numbers bought, I think someone will hit tuesday. I can't see it going past tuesday. If it does..I can't even imagine how high it will go. What sucks is that I've been playing a set of numbers I dreamt up for about 15 years, and my highest number is 25. The numbers selected so far are very high and had at least 1 70 number. But I won't change my numbers, i've had em this long might as well ride it out.


I have low numbers(old matrix) and high numbers(new matrix).  Someone with original low numbers might win the jackpot.

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Look  at  last  Wednesday's    December   11th.    Powerball     winning   numbers    Matt


1    10     13     18      19                                       (  PB   27  )


Highest  first  5  numbers  never  even  made  it    to     twenty


And   thats   in   a   first    five     matrix      (  1   to   59     game  ) 


So  I would say yours has as good a chance as any combo   ( even  in  a   1  to  75   game  )


(  Even   though  its  a  game   I  dont   like  )


I  figured there  would be a winner last Wednesday nite  , when I seen  ( what I call  )  Birthday  numbers  come  up  in  the  Powerball   game


Sometimes there will be a winner when that happens , as a Lot of people play that way I suppose


But there were  even two winners last  Wednesday nite on those Low numbers ......  splitting   122  million


And   7   other  players  hit  the   first     5  of  5         (  without  the  Powerball  )


So    you   never  know 


Good   Luck    To    You      on   either   game


My birthday numbers are perfect for this matrix 3-19-27-30-70 mb = (:

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