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Powerball Lottery Winners Call It a Curse

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I think it depends on the winner whether it is a curse or a Blessing.

Some people just aren't equipped to handle it.

Am I equipped to handle it?


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Pita Maha

I believe I'm equipped to handle it too.  I realize that winning a large jackpot would be a fantastic thing but I would also be fairly nervous about it, knowing there's a lot to deal with (i.e., financially and tax-wise so that the money lasts my lifetime).  Other risks and downsides are poor financial advice, compromised personal safety & privacy and the likelihood of discord or hostility from family and friends. 

The media loves to focus on the negative anyway.  The happy winners living great lives don't make for the sensationalistic stories today's media salivates over or they just value their peace and privacy and don't answer requests from media.  That would be me, if I won ... "no comment!"

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And let me guess...I bet he and his group has tickets in for the next Mega Millions jackpot drawing! Some people must love to be "cursed!

Well, I won't be cursed when I win. It will be an immense blessing. I will do great things with those millions. I can feel me palms itching right now!

$4 million, $20 million, $300 million...I know exactly what I would do with it and I know exactly how to deal with those who would come knocking and calling. Folks, if you are fortunate to win, just recall all your interactions the past year or two. If those people who are now calling and writing to you never bothered to do so in that time frame, and especially if you were in need at any time and those folks ignored you or gave you the cold shoulder, then you should not hesitate to say, "I am sorry, but I think you are going to need to contact your bank to help you out as I am not in the lending/investing business." No, sorry. Sorry but no I cannot help you out. NOPE. Not happening.

As for churches and tithes, well since tithing was never done with money in the Bible, I won't be cursed not tithing any of my winnings.

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Pita Maha
In response to OldSchoolPa

I think that Willie Seeley is just a showboat who loves the attention and limelight.  When it faded after he won, he began to whine about feeling cursed, so as to bring the media attention and limelight back. Afterall, the media loves misery.  Whittaker wasn't a sensible person to begin with so it's no surprise what happened to him. Shakespeare was a vulnerable person so he was easily victimized by vultures and charlatans, the poor soul.

I think it's best to say NO to everyone for at least the first 3 months, until you get your tax obligations & true net worth sorted out with solid financial advice, and you have some time to think about how you want your life to go.  There would be a crazy period of euphoria after winning and that's not the time to be making any financial decisions, especially gifting.  There's that gift tax to worry about for one thing.

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I agree with disappearing.  So many options and places to disappear to when you have money.Blue Angel

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In response to Pita Maha

Exactly.  I was thinking about saying no to everyone for the first year.  My policy would be "if you ask, my answer is no." However, I will help by donating or giving money to those I wish to during the first year, especially those that have helped me in the past, family, and VERY close friends.


It's not called a curse but not using your brain.  What did he expect after showing his face on national tv?  If he had a choice to hide his identity is his fault.  So he gets a bunch of calls asking for money.  Well, change your number, sell your house, move or just say NO.  God, I'd have fun saying NO to people and asking family, where were you for the last 20 years.  Hire bodyguards for awhile if you are so worried.  I'd like to be cursed that way.

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In response to Pita Maha

I agree to saying NO for the first 3 - 6 - 12 months. Allow yourself the time to acclimate to having that much money, what it means, what you can and CAN'T do with it. Finding and listening to solid financial advice from advisors with experience in dealing with such large amounts of money will help keep to on track. My financial advisor told me years ago if you have $10,000 or $1,000,000, the 3 most important things for financial success is:

Don't lose the money

Don't lose the money

Don't lose the money

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You correct. If my memory serves me right he won under $5 million but ran off at the mouth as though he cleared over $100 mil.
As they say " A fool and his money are soon parted"
Some people just don't know how to handle money, he comes off as one of them.


I'd just invest half of it into facebook and twitter stocks and sit back and relax lol. I'm well equiped to handle it and have the right people near me waiting for the call since I already told them I'm going to win something big soon (:


And I don't care about odds, someone has to win it might as well be me.


It's not a curse if you know what to do with the money and how to live with the money.  If you plan on blending in with regular people, that means you don't need a Ferrari or your own jet airplane to go to the grocery store if you get my meanning.

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In response to rdgrnr

I Agree!


Well the funny thing is that when you become a CEO, COO, CIO, CFO and etc of a small company nobody pays any attention then you become a high title of any company you start geting all kinds of people out of the woodwork. Same with the lottery you when people you know, people you didn't know want a piece of your check. One should tell as little people as posible even close family members. When you collect your funds then you can get out of the country or away from people to do what you want to do. Then at the end of the year you can let a few more people in on the deal if you choose. The problem with the lottery is that it enhances all kinds of things going on in your life. Kind of like being a teenager, and it can over whelm people that have problems with money or what have you. You family or friends some how feel intiltled to your funds because they're the ones that have know you since your birth or theirs. My family will not get a penny of my funds. Call me what ever you want I don't give a sh it. I would take that money to live off the interest. Like most people I serve my own interest and I would expect no more or less from my family if they won. Grandted winning the lottery is not like becoming CEO of Apple, GE, Comcast or etc but the same rules apply my money my choice of how I would or would not spend it.

Shelby Mustang

There is no such thing as a lottery curse. I do not believe it. It's ignorant people who are cursed, the uneducated (Abraham Shakespear) the morally corrupt (Jack Whittaker), and the people who cannot handle anything other than a biweekly paycheck (Willie Seely). Get people around you that know what they're doing and what they're talking about. It's not hard to maintain a millionaire status if your knowledgeable about your money

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