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I am Officially putting a Bounty out on Florida Play 4

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When I first joined LP it was to get more insight on Cash 3 and Play 4 and to connect with like minded people.  I've studied the forums and learned so much.  A few weeks back I won my first Cash 3 straight EVER.  Then another.  Then another.  Now I'm not winning every day, but I actually have a grasp on the game. 

Play 4 is so much more elusive.  I had a box hit last month, but now nothing, nada.  I want a Play 4 straight and I want it now.  I have came across some awesome systems like one by Lottolaughs which when backtested, absolutely works, but  the hits come various days after your work out and I haven't found a way to narrow down if it will be 2 days, 3 days, 5days, 7 days.  I've tried following pairs, and due sums.  Can anyone else offer any suggestions/workout/system that can produce a straight hit?  I am not lazy and am prepared to do the work, but I don't want to play 100 numbers a draw either.

If you can help me get my first hit, then you'll get a 10% bounty.  I am a person of my word.  Any takers?

PS:  I've seen some people who go from forum to forum with rude and/or sarcastic comments.  They are not welcomed here.  Please and Thank you!

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What?What?  62 Views, 0 Replies..... Wow

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If you  are winning straight pick 3's, like you say you are, stick with it. Then "paper" bet with the pick 4 until you get comfortable with a system that fits your pocket book and start from there.

I have hit straights in the pick 4, but I never count on hitting it. I mainly play them str/box and hit very often. Checkout my blog for proof. It might be good to learn progressive wagering, to always be able to win your investment back.

Best of luck to you!

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Someone else is probably offering a better bounty on the MM jackpot and getting all the attention.

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how many numbers you require for the straight ? i have 5x12=60.or you can just box the 5 numbers 4x and still make a nice profit.i can inbox you the digits or leave them here...

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In response to inittowin

Thanks for your reply and reminder of patience.  I will definitley check out your page.

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In response to Igamble

Mail For You

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In response to RJOh

Thanks for the chuckle (smile)

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Instead of pairs and sums ( my 3 digit system) I go with triplets and due sums, requires the inspect 4 and lots of search past reults, I wait for due sums 14-22, if you notice most of my 4 digit picks are always in this sum range.

Good Luck Gail

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Thanks Sully.  I will definitely explore this option.  I appreciate your replying!

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Hello again LP.  Well I did receive a few PM's of interest but patiently waiting.  The good news is that I did manage to hit a Play 4 box on my own 2 days ago;however I am still looking for that straight hit.  I've read and back tested many systems posted here and will continue....until I get my first play 4 straight.  I am not greedy as one person has implied via PM, but if I'm playing I might as well go for the top prize.  Happy Holidays to All and May ALLLLLL your wishes come true., gail

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Check out my thread over on the Pick-4 forum, Quick Nickels (Pick-4) Week of Tuesday 12/17/2013, follow the link here on the Lottery Post;

We can try to get you a winner in the state of Florida based on YOUR astrological birth sign. After you review the information get back to me with any questions.



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In response to mjwinsmith

Will do.  Thanks Michael.

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Merry Christmas everyone!  Just wanted to update my progress.  I am still working on my Play 4 straight;however I managed 3 Play 4 boxed hits this week.  I am focusing on digit positions now.  Soon and very soon....

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       Next 5 Draws starting today!


7594, 7394, 7194, 3594, 3194, 2594

     2394, 2194, 0594, 0394, 0194



             4439, 4432, 2432

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