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The Lottery Changed My Life Mini Marathon On Now!

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10:00 AM

Lottery Changed My LifeMillionaire Truckers

Take a walk down the luckiest street in America - the Miracle Mile, meet the Oregon millionaires who like nothing more than a good party, go on a luxury road trip with the trucker millionaires, and join the frugal fisherman as he finds true love.

11:00 AM

Lottery Changed My LifeCountry Millionaire

Meet Dawna, a mother of five who was working three jobs to make ends meet when she won $15 million in the Florida Lottery. Watch how she stays true to her country roots - adding on to her mobile home room by room.

12:00 PM

Lottery Changed My LifeBig Jackpots, Big Changes

In this special episode of Lottery Changed My Life, we're taking a look back at the 20 most life changing lottery wins of the entire series. These are the biggest and best transformations of the unforgettably extravagant jackpot wins.

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Thanks, Win.

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Slick Nick


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LCML  Sorry not on right now, but the only other thread I could find was by B2B.

Sat. 12/14/13 from 1 pm. til. 6 pm.

The learning AGAIN channel,  LOL got that from Ridgerunner.

I was checking my DVR to see which games I should record when I tripped across this.

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In response to haymaker

Haymaker, i just looked on the schedule and didnt see it.  You did say TLC? It shows the little couple on at that time.  Thanx.

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Are these mini marathons supposed to give one a " heads up" on not what to do  should they feature a big time loser?Who in their right mind would want to be interviewed after losing it all anyway?

In response to noise-gate

They probably get paid for their interview!!!!!!!!!


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In response to ogivens15

That would be of little comfort to me if l lost Millions..

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In response to lejardin

Yea, looking at the sked now.

1.00 pm JP winners

2.00 pm Doorman millionaire

3.00 pm Janitor millionaire

4.00 pm Millionaire bachelor

5.00 pm Tee pee millionaire, times are eastern

TLC for sure chan 183 on dish in my area.

Don't be mislead by the thread title, it's on sat. 12/14

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In response to noise-gate

There were some shows that featured people that handled it well, at least initially,

so I consider it a lottery 101 course.


They cancelled this! My guide went from LCML to "The Little Couple." I know that there hasn't been episodes since 2011, but it's obnoxious that they only ever show it early in the morning if they ever do, and it's never in any sort of order

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In response to Toronto

Thanks.  My schedule never showed anything other than "The Little Couple" but i was just going to turn it on tomorrow to check anyway.  I still watch them no matter how many times they repeat.

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In response to Win$500Quick


U sound like Psyko  thursday nite try'n 2 git off ground


Psyko gits a GO from Dawna, make UR payment on JET


after sitting on D tarmac 4 13 hour's^>^>^>^>^^$$

Lottery Changed psyko's LIFE big jackpots, big CHANGE!

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1:00 PM

Lottery Changed My LifeJanitor Millionaire

Meet an LA winner turned Hollywood producer who adopts five children after a tragic accident, join a Seattle millionaire who still works four jobs, and tee off with a Florida winner who fails as a pro golfer but wins the lottery of love.

2:00 PM

Lottery Changed My LifeMillionaire Bachelor

Meet a music lover who is betting his fortune on the business; a mom who looks for a fresh start after hitting it big; a millionaire couple with a travel bug; and find out how America's youngest multi-millionaire lost it all.

3:00 PM

Lottery Changed My LifeDoorman Millionaire

Meet a Manhattan doorman turned millionaire who's looking for love, a Florida winner who may lose what he treasures most and an auto mechanic who is learning to live like a millionaire.

4:00 PM

Lottery Changed My Life III

What if Lady Luck tapped you on the shoulder and turned you into an instant millionaire?  What would you do?  This show chronicles the lives of jackpot winners from around the country and explores the incredible changes they've made in their lives.
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