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Mega Million JP prize will B $$WHAT$$ on 12-31-2013??

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                Thirteen Draws left 4UN 2013

Yes, you can vote twice on this WON if you have a LAST JP PRIZE AMOUNT just

write-in UR $$$,$$$,$$$ >>>> WOW (13) DRAW$ LEFT $4U Lottery Poster$$$!

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Its going to be around $560 million on New Years Eve drawing.  Jan 10th or 14th drawing will be 1 billion annuity.


I believe it will be between 15 million and 1 billion dollars...leaning way closer to the 15 million mark...I think someone will win b4 New Years...heck even b4 Christmas

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In response to schmuckatelly

I Agree! Look at the number of second prize winners in every drawing. Its as if there is non. When my subscription for MM ends next month, I will be done with it fo ever.

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Jon D

MM looks to be on trajectory for $1Billion if it makes it to 12/31/13.

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over 412M but what # I don't know

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Jon D

Current projected run in blue compared to previous $189M run (P) a month ago in orange: (25th draw is 12/31/13)

And compared to record $656M run (R) in 2012:

Six balls

IF it holds out long enough, I think JP-mania would spike it to the $1B mark by the Christmas Eve draw at the latest - look how vertical those last couple of draws for the $656M pot were once the press started going wacky. Plus, gift tickets. Or maybe that's just my family - I received a QP for Jack Whittaker's JP drawing in my stocking. Big Grin Santa Didn't win anything, but that may be for the best. Just looking at ole' Jackie boy, you can see that pot was cursed...

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Don't waste your time with it.


Between 3/4 to 1 Billy. Get ready for the first billion dollar winner  Banana.

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In response to mypiemaster

That would be Awesome Party

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Thanks 4D Mega Million Run Chart'$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The BEAST may run "wild" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^^^^^^^^^

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People like big jack pots but for what? Wouldn't it be nice if more people could win a million with the odds in their favor. Not going to happen because the objective of the game is not to make your pocket fat but to make someone else fat. Ha, ha, ha


I do agree with you Capcake10, I still play, but I buy more PB tickets than MM.  I just hope for a second tier win out of the MM.  Also, if the jackpot does reach say a billion dollars,  they will still have one or two winners,  yea!  one winner.

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In response to Cupcake10

I Agree!

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