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Just started playing pick 3/4. What are some ways to play to win! Some suggestions etc. I got 20$ to play with.

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Welcome to LP Hlile1.  Here are some tips for Pick 3.      Since you are new

to the games I would stick to just your state. Chart the results for a month, study them, and you will start to see trends

and patterns. The longer you chart the more you will learn. Play on paper for a while before you spend $$$. The lottery is not

an easy game to master. You will not "get rich quick." It takes lots of practice and can get expensive quickly. One big thing to

remember, you don't have to play every day. Pick your spots. The lottery will be there tomorrow. One more thing. There are

tons of info here. Just do a search, read, and do your homework. Good Luck.

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As a new member, please read this thread. You will save yourself some trouble.

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