How many tickets do you normally buy for either JP?


Do you stick to your guns on that number as well when it creeps closer to $250-$300 million or do you max yourself out?


 l buy three each, but will go to six for each JP when it reaches $300 mil. Its only money..right?


Have a Good Week People.!

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I always buy one ticket regardless of the jackpot. Since the odds are so astronomical, buying more than one ticket doesn't really make that much difference.

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Discipline is the name of the game. I don't care if the jackpots go to one billion dollars. I know the odds of winning that are astromonicallly against me, so I put my two cents into the pot and hope for a miracle. My bets are normally five for mega millions and ten for powerball which is basically five tickets for each.

In response to redhot7

Good Point Red7- but my thinking is this, people will join a lottery pool to " increase" their chances of winning, what l am doing is increasing my chances of winning by a lottery pool of ONE.
Flawed Logic? - perhaps, but whose to say it will never work?

In response to Goteki54

Discipline with Money is a winning formula especially when you know the odds are near impossible of winning but not unheard of, especially with stories like Gloria McKenzie around.


I buy 1 ticket per month for the Ca Fantasy Five and 1 ticket for the PB. Like redhot wrote, with those rediculous odds, 1 ticket should suffice.

If I bought 10,000 tickets for the PB, there are still 175,213,510 possibilities left. Crazy

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I buy 1-3 tickets for a normal draw at 100 million or a little lower.  If it gets over 300 million I may buy 5 or 6 but never more than that.  When it was 500+ million I bought maybe 12-20 dollars worth.


I buy one ticket for Powerball....might splurge on two tickets if the jackpot is over $250 million.  I typically buy two tickets for Mega (one line is my own numbers and the other line is a qp).  I stick with 2 tickets for Megamillions regardless of the jackpot size.

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I buy one ticket for MM and PB in each drawing with my own set of numbers

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In response to redhot7

Yup, I agree.

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95% of the time I do not buy any.

If the moon and stars give me good vibes I will drop a couple bucks on the game.

In response to JAP69

I Agree! thought I'm more likely to buy tickets when I believe the jackpot is more likely to be won. Whether or not it's sound, the strategy is the odds of my tickets winning are compared to the total ticket sales rather than the odds against all the possible combinations.


EEEEHHHH one ticket for drawings under 100 million then it goes to 2 for drawings between 100 and 300 million after that I'll play maybe 3 or 4 til its hit

In response to onlymoney

Is that a Misprint OM?

12 tickets in 365 days for PB and the same # for Fantasy 5?

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In response to onlymoney

No, that's not quite how it works.
1 ticket - possibilities are 1 out of 175,223,510 or  0.00000057%
2 tickets - possibilities are 2 out of 175,223,510 or 1 out of 87,611,755 or 0.00000114%
10,000 tickets - possibilities are 10,000 out of 175,223,510 or 1 out of 17,522 or 0.0057%
1,752,235 tickets - possibilities are 1,752,235 out of 175,223,510 or 1 out of 100 or 1%

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