If you win $1M or more, would you let LP members know about it?


 If you win more than $1M or the jackpot, would you post your winnings on LP for all members to see and celebrate with you?


As much as I like LP, heck no.

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In response to LottoPerro

I Agree! Remember, you're letting more than just LP members know... this is the WWW (World Wide West LOL)

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There has been a thread where members post their winning tickets since 2010.  I'd personally start a new thread to share the good news, only if it was a jackpot.

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Since I post what I play on the prediction board, any one who was interested would already know.

In response to mypiemaster

No- but if one of my " secret seven"  suffered tragic loses through devastation of property or other l would find out through the Powers that be at LP where they could be contacted to assist them in their hour of need- using discretion of course as Coin Toss would say.

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I would only confide in the 163 members here that I consider my closest, personal friends.

They have all assured me in the strictest terms that they probably wouldn't tell anybody that I won.

In response to mypiemaster

Yes i would...I'd love to be able to tell the world that i won a huge sum of money...

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Yes.... My inbox is almost full anyway so I would not have to worry about messages...Cheers

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That would be a big mistake. Why would you expose yourself to people begging for money or to people who have ill intention against you?


Yes I would tell the folks here at LP that I won.  I would post my winning ticket....after I've already claimed my prize and the statute of limitations has run out (whether it be a year or whatever).  Nobody here knows my real name or what I look like, so what do I care.  Plus I never check my inbox, so they can send all the messages they want....I'll never read them.

In response to redhot7

Let their begging go in on ear and out the other, dont even open their mail, dont answer the phone if it's a number you don't know...basically do everything you do now to avoid people you don't know or dont want to talk to

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In response to billionaire2bee

OK, I got the phone part down pat !

If I don't know the name on the caller I.D. or if there is none, the caller is wasting his time.

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I probably wouldn't.

In response to haymaker

LOL caller i.d. one of the VERY best inventions ever made

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