PB\MM number set question


Just wondering if you have two cards that you play and one has numbers like:

1 2 3 4 5-7       ( possible shared winnings )

1 2 4 5 6-8        ( possible shared winnings )

1 2 3 5 6-9        ( possible shared winnings )

2 3 4 5 6-10      ( possible shared winnings )

12 16 21 31 51 - 11  ( the least played ) ( non- shared winnings )

Now, my thought is that the PB\MM picks the least played number sets which means that it looks for the least played matched sets.

That's why you have only 1 - 4 or 5 winners to get say the 10,000 prize.

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If I understand you correctly, you are saying that PB and MM sift through the millions of tickets sold and find a combination that has the lowest sales and then they arrange for those numbers to be drawn.


Check the odds for the reason there are only a few 4+1 winners. Or any major prize winners.


I'm just guessing, so I don't really know.

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You don't have to guess at the odds of winning a prize, they are usually printed on the back of the play slips.

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You seem to be suggesting that the lottery numbers are rigged. It is not true. Lottery is just hard to win. The suggestion that you could make to say that it PB & MM are not 100% fair is the <snip> pre-draws. God knows how many players are denied a jp because their numbers came in the first pre-draw. 

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If your a card player, you should know that the deck can be stacked.  (Just ask most any card slight of hand expert like Ricky Jay)

If your a lottery player, I would say the same applies.  (Just read past newspaper articles on lotto scams - there's a plenty!)

As for me, I believe the numbers are known before the draw occurrs.
To eliminate the possibility of "stacking the deck", I believe MM/PB
should eliminate quickpicks and make everyone choose their own numbers.
I bet there would be a significant change in how winnings are dispersed.

Best of Luck!

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How would picking your own numbers vs. using QP's change anything if you thought the numbers were predetermined before each draw?


Why you Delete?

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I'm always surprised by the number of people who believe in spite of the odds of winning being 1:175M they would have won a jackpot by now after buying a few hundred tickets if the games weren't rigged.

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In response to Ronnie316

The _BLANK_ system for the Lottery Numbers Yes Nod I FORGOT WE CAN'T POSTY NAMES

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In response to LottoL


                                      PLAY this Video

          Flordia Lottery is RIGGED !!!- You Tube

             "watch" 4th BALL >#> came UP 35 and went down Thud


                      CryingJesterCrying            Jack-in-the-Box               CryingJesterCrying

              ( 35 BALL went down & IT can't git UP)   Thud     

             "then" Hurray! ^^ came "back" as 53 ^^ Hurray!  ???????   Thud


              PartyPSYKO not CRAZY Party

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In response to psykomo

I'm trying to follow your posts psykomo... something tells me there's a method to your madness, but this method continues to elude me LOL

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Interesting post... I've been following MM for a year and I've noticed there always seems to be less than 5 winners for the 250k prize.  The only time I see over 5 winners for the 250k prize is if there's a larger jackpot.


Sure every so often we may become curious an start to question if Lotto, MM or PB is rigged.

I have many times. Probably when another situation arises will wonder again.

 I have only been playing a little over a year both here an US. With in that time, we had some things happen. Like huge jackpots for instance. It was easily demonstratd that when we, people, see more money up for grabbs we will fork over more and those who would not touch it will buy a few. Even the lottery giving away that 590 or so Million does nt hurt them, since ofcourse there profit(s) are still larger. With that being said if it was rigged why would they not "allow" it to grow even larger? Seriously...Bigger jackpots equals more money (profit)! Why would they not say ok this time we will let it go to 800Million an so on. And....after the 587million was won last November.....why would the lottery allow....the whole month of december to be won at 50 million. Litteraly! 3-4 times it was won then.  I think there are many things that are corrupt. Actualy its more like know...because its proven and can be know political bs. But, the Lotteries don't need to be rigged. It's hard to understand perhaps the odds. 1:175 million is no joke!

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In response to Romancandle


The MMPB jackpot continue 2ELUDE many of the LP members pocketbook2 Thud

Go 2UT site>punchN Flordia lottery is this U TUBE viedo.....

WATCH Ball number>>>4 as it popped UP>>it was #35......then UC number is

called>>#53>> and last Ball number #26>>it was #35......then called #53 ???

Sorry if my example is a Flordia FANTASY 5....5 number draw demo, but it was the best that psyko do

at this time........maby if it had been PB/MM number set>>>my LP friend'$$$$$$$$would understand!


  PartyHappy Labor Day 2013 Party

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