Why do clerks always scan winning tickets at the back?

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If they scan the barcode at the back, they have to enter 3 digit serial numbers to redeem the ticket. On the other hand, if they scan the barcode at the front, they could redeem the ticket right away.

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Don't you have to scratch to reveal the bar code
in the front.

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Yes of course. I always scratch the front bar code before giving the ticket to the clerk but for some reason they don't scan it. They would rather scan the back bar code and enter they 3 digit security code which I also scratch.

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Ohh That is strange then.

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i have noticed they do this in florida, they just aded the front barcode about 3 months ago but i would think the clearks would catch on


i do scratch them off too, and not the numbers but they still go ahead and scratch the numbers

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