First issue unscratched lotto ticket value?



I have a set of first issue California scratch lotto tickets.

There are five of them attached and have been saved in a picture frame.

Oh, and they have not been scratched off (Yes, everyone thought I was nuts but I asked them how many first issue lotto tickets do you think are out there? Unscratched! And do you know what a first issue Life magazine is going for in mint condition?)

How do I find the value of something like that, and how would I market them?

Have any ideas?


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You might find some value in them if you scratch them...

Otherwise, check back in 50yrs...LOL


Should ask the lottery if they have any record of all the JP's claimed for those tickets ;D I guess they are expired now tho lol.

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I just found a stack of unscratched Indiana lottery tickets.  They must go back at least 10 years.  One is the Mona Lisa, I am not going to scratch them now and find I lost out on a big winner!

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In response to Saylorgirl

You never know what people will give for certain stuff they want.

I got 500 bucks for an old comic book a few years ago.

In response to Wetfoot

To find the value of that, you might have to wait thirty years.Crazy

Of course if there is a JP winner in there, then the value is probably more than book value.CrazyCrazy

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You know thats not uncommon.

Sometimes people set aside a scratcher for a "special occasion" and just plain forget about them.

Sometimes I put aside free plays trying to find a lucky store and then I find them and they are expired.

I used to lose a lot of free plays because the time limit was only thirty days to redeem them.  I am retarded.

Thankfully they changed the rules and now you have one year.

Just the other day I was throwing out lottery junk and I found a free play from 12 months ago. It was expired.

I must be SUPER retarded.Jester Laugh

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Is it like this ticket from 1985?



And I don't mind waiting 30 years.

either way I bet I'll get my five bucks back.....

In response to Wetfoot

Try Ebay.

Here is something you might find puzzling Wetfoot..

According to the poll, more than two-thirds of Americans said they had presumed that by 2001 human beings would have bodies made entirely of pixels, by 2006 they would stop eating food and acquire sustenance by consuming pure data, and by 2011 they would no longer travel by car or on foot, instead hitching light-speed rides by fiber-optic cable whenever they wanted to go somewhere.

In addition, 98 percent of respondents said they had pictured a future in which they would only be able to die if someone accidentally deleted them.

Yeah- Try Ebay.

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