Trap a double system/how often?

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                    How often can we trap a Double .......betting a digit will repeat from the last double ? Thumbs Up



    A digit will repeat from the last double in the very next double ....... over 1/3 (+) of the time....or actually 37.8% Star



         Perhaps even better ........ !

             ..... we could also bet against the last double digits repeating....... and be right .... 60% +(62%)  of the time.

        Nice filter huh ?  Bet along with the Odds..... and most of the time you will win.  Anytime we can say "Most of the time" it's a keeper. Right ?   

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In response to WIN D

Thank you Win D!!!

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In response to WIN D

Is that for the P3, P4, or both?

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Win D,Ga midday 655, is this a good setup for the evening string to break soon?

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In response to grwurston

 Hi grwurston .....  It's really for ALL P3 games all over the world.

                                                                                 It's the odds of the game .....overall ...everywhere. 


                                      Odds... are the best way to know what will happen in the games ..... "Most of the Time." Patriot

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Thanks, WIN D.  That's good to know!!!

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Good to see you leelee. That string stuff is better for the Ga thread....but you are right. It has to be.

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In response to WIN D

You are the best!!!

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In response to WIN D

can you show a example Smiley

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In response to helpmewin

sure.... you pick any state game and print out all the doubles from last year.

 Each state ...(any state) will average around 98/99 +- doubles last year.

 Then, after you print them out for us.... we will both count how many times at least one digit repeated from one double to the next.

 Most of the states will show the correct odds and correct amount of hits  .....most of the time.


       For ex.

      Ga eve last year had 110 doubles the last 365 draws...... and had 40 repeat digit doubles.  That's....... 36.4 % repeaters !  Cool huh ? Thumbs Up 

      That means of course..... 63.6 % did not have repeaters. Can't get much closer in this game right?  You bet !  Pun intended ....     

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In response to WIN D

never mind my search is broke,

i did a quick look in AZ you are correct Thanks for the Valuable infoHurray!

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helpmewin ...... I checked out AZ for the last 311 draws there.....that's because they have no Sunday draws.



  Out of the 311 draws there....they had 86 doubles which was.....would you believe the expected 27%  for doubles ?

  Of those you had 35 repeat digit doubles ......which is 40% instead of the 38 %+- average.  Excellent expected. ....   or 60% no repeat doubles. 

  So, AZ .....even with just 311 draws per year is..........  Right on the Target for the most of the time trap plays.


    P.S helpmewin....... off subject

           Az is in the 96% kill zone for their next double out 10 draws. The digit 9 is out 17 draws. I would also filter out all digits 2,,,and 1 from the last double 10 days ago.

               Good Luck .... Good Tracking!   

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In response to WIN D

here's what i got so far we see if i doing it right crossing fingers Clown

477 994 772 447 992 944

722 922 544 636 554


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In response to helpmewin

 Well helpmewin ...... just noticed this.  Everything worked already. The double already hit last night. 

  I did not update the draws from last night AZ Saturday  draw.  Az did get the double that was in the kill came as 667.

 The other good news thing was.....none of the digits repeated from the last double....just as expected. The last double 10 days ago was 212.  Which is supposed to happen about 2/3's of the time .....and so it did.

  Everything worked just the way odds say they should.

  The only thing not working was Win d.... not updating the draws for Az through last night. Bad Win d  ..... LOL 

  Good demo ...and a very fast demo too..... faster than expected. LOL 

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In response to WIN D

  The bottom line is......

   Just using that ONE filter trap...(no repeat digits form last double) alone allows us to start our doubles trap....

  We start each time reducing the amount of Doubles from 90 Box doubles .......all the way down to only 56 box doubles.  Nice start ! 

  We will be right most of the time too.........and do it almost 2/3rds of the time.


                      Straight doubles are reduced from 270 ......all the way down to 168 str to start off.  A 62% reduction filter.

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In response to WIN D

opps, LOL

well anyways Good job you was right on target Party

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What you need now for this, is a "start playing" sign, and a "stop sign".
Takitez used to have a system for this type of playing.

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In response to paurths

Hi Ricky ! Thanks for the email .... I will work that for sure. 


 Say ....speaking of Start/Stop traps.Stop We just posted one of those ...actually a repeat idea .....dealing with setting up  Doubles Traps after they are skipping for 7 draws in a row.

  Its a 3 day window play trap....then Stop.


  Fact ...... 96% of doubles will fall before the 10th. draw.  So, at day 7 we begin playing hard at the doubles for 3 draws and then Stop Stop. Nice when they fall on the 8th draw.  Profit is best then of course.   

  ....and yes, I cheat and play just one draw more sometimes ....and gamble on 11 draws. LOL   


   Because 56% of doubles fall before the 5th draw..... it is rare to see this trap even come up in your own individual state more than 2 or 3 times a year.  That's when playing Multi -state games is a BIG PLUS. There is always a State somewhere ......going through the 7th day miss and a perfect set up for this trap.  Then wham bam !

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Win D any insight on what going on with FL Midday double skip of 22 and a slew of series plays

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Also NY Eve it's now at 14 day skip would you just stop playing doubles as it way pass the 11day draw skip?

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In response to jeebsxx

Thanks jeebsxx. 

  Well ...... the start is after the 7th skip......and the end is "supposed to be" at the 10th draw Stop.   That's to keep us safe .....and sage. LOL 


 If you play more than the 10 draws allowed or the 3 day have to be prepared to stop being a player $$ ....and risk becoming a philosopher.  LOL   Stretch


 **Truthfully.... if I have not be playing the doubles already .....and when I all of sudden spot them on a 14 ,,or 15 ...or even a 20 day skip I am tempted to play a NEW starting 3 day window......and play it as a "progressive" bet.  Then STOP Stop

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Thanks WinD but wouldn't u guess NY Late threw a double after the 14 skip juts not the double I played... Still trying to come up with a system for double prediction

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Great tips WIND, this is a powerful tip for pick3 workout , i will sure keep this in mind while doing my workout

and i suggest anybody to do it too.


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In response to pavizlo$

I Agree!

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In response to helpmewin

Great workouts make you loose only half of the cash invested in tickets!

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In response to SergeM

i learn the hardway Bang Head

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In response to WIN D

Win D, Ga is not normal for this dble trap ,or I am just not understanding how to trap.


I understand the 7 to 10 day,  but I am confused about which doubles to choose right now.  GA has sent dbls for at least 10 days!!!!  Any suggestion  would be appreciated! 

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Hi Win D I am in need of some help my self CT has has had some doubles and triples as well where do I start counting from for 10 draws???

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Let's see..... if I understand the questions. 

 Well, the doubles trap is really a rare sort of thing when looking at one state at a time.

 It is a rare thing because your own state does not normally skip more than 7 days in a row without a double hit. If we get more than 2 or 3 skips LONG Skips (7days)  like that in a year it is rare.  

  So, for folks playing online it's a lot more useful tool because it can be used with several states instead of just one state. Multi State.... they all take turns being bad. LOL 

  They take turns each going on 7 day double skips....... then we can play at them as they appear and use the 3 day window trap. 


  Anyway... when we do find a 7day double skip....... we start counting there and plan on a double hitting with in the NEXT 3 draws. That's because we know that 96% of doubles hit before they go that long.  If a double goes longer than that 10th draw.....  Stop STOP.  Better luck next time. 

 Still .......most of the time it will hit within those 3 draws.  That's called playing the odds using a tried and true system.  4% ... we can deal with that .....right?

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Right now the Evening games we have a few state games that deserve looking over. 


 Currently on Double skips:

     CA eve........ 7 skips

     Mo eve .........14 skips is a loser already that went over the 10 day skips.  Except ...perhaps for folks that haven't already played at it.  Looks good now.                                            Certainly worth a look and a Trap play for the next 3 draws.   

     OH eve.........9 skips   One to go in OHIO. 

      SC eve........8 skips 


            * Remember ......most of the time doubles do not repeat with digits that were in the last doubles that hit. Nice fat filter to start with the very least.

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