Don't believe most Reviews. One mans trash is another mans treasure


I read all bad reviews on a Cash Cow Pick 4 system. I guess the purchaser didnt win immediately. And began talking bad about the author of the system.  Some folks want over nite Richs. It doesn't work like that playing Daily Lottery games....  Today this cash 4 cash cow system has 2 straight hits so far. As I've only looked at ga and Maryland.....


system says go back with a few weeks and look for similar triads.  (3similar digits)

 ok Maryland on 7-15 played 3235.  On 7-22 played 3324


ok similar triads is 233x


system says let x represent all digits 0-9

Smash 2330,2331,2332,2333,2334,2335,2336,2337,2338,2339.  ROFL

Now it says play all singles for .25 box and all others combo

Party So from the above numbers. You'd played the 2334 combo and you wouldbe hit straight Today...... Since playing combo is playing all permutations of a number....  2343 is tonight's winning number

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Another example of a straight hit today... Georgia played 6426 this afternoon...

on July 1. Ga played 4026. On July 7 ga played 6024. On July 10 ga played 2649 and on Monday July 22 ga played 3642..


all having 246x in common....

so you'd been playing 2460,2461,2462,2463,2464,2465,2466,2467,2468,2469

playing box 2460,2461,2463,2465,2467,2468,2469 cost $1.75

playing combo 2462,2464,2466 cost $9

combo play means all permutations = straight......

jackpot today wouldve been a payday......


hate on the system if you want. It does work.  Boxing

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All lottery software get some bad reviews.  As best commercial lottery software can make playing lotteries more entertaining and in their disclaimers it usually states that is their main purpose. 

If any lottery software made getting rich easy, it wouldn't for sales because its creator would use it for that instead of selling it.

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sounds like cash cow can bring sum


Well there are plenty who think it will get them rich easily.  People test systems for a day.  If they don't get a hit. Poke Here comes the bashing.........   It's people on Lotterypost who feel they deserve a Cash 5 Mega millions , Powerball win. Just because they are a member on LP and they've been buying tickets for months.......   Every one feels like they deserve the MONEY......... 


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I Agree! 

what may work for some people in some states may not work for others i guess No Nod

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HelpmewinWhite BounceI noticed you hadn't been online for awhile.  Honestly I thought you hit the big one and had relocated to the caribeans .......

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Green laugh

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Why else would anyone come to LP if they weren't interested in what winners were doing to win?  Problem is every body else is coming for the same reason.  A few like to brag in spite of not winning themselves they can help others win.

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To stay on Topic.... a review found here is as good as me trusting someone's opinion of how Great someone thinks their favorite NFL is........ Everyone has an opinion.     most times it's best to TRY SOMETHInG for yourself


THis is my last comment in this thread.... LP folk.  Before buying a system or strategy. I'd do a search here on Lottery post.  Don't worry about all the reviews.  Just see if you can find out the technique being sold. Test it out , see does it work for you......

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I checked this out with PA but found too many different repeating triads in a couple weeks, maybe other states don't show as many so it would work better for them

darn it anyway!

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simply trick would be to try and spot a trend like  the above example, go back a few

if u see 2 hits of the same u load 

it will show

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