Is there anything we can believe least Most of the time?

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  What actually Happens "Most of the time".?....... is a good place to start with any of these games.US Flag

   Playing smart... is playing the ODDS ...and playing the odds is playing what happens "Most of the time"


            Have we learned? Are we growing here? What's new?     Sssup ?       LOL


                         Sun Smiley

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In response to WIN D

   Thanks for sharing the good stuff WIN D  Thumbs Up


I've have learned that I can write code that programs out a certain amount of entrohy. I can tell when numbers might be coming up for a column and it's not that hard. Getting those numbers to hit at the same time is a true challenge. I've tried many, many different things but what works for one month doesn't work for the next... It's almost like it's random or something. ;)

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 Here's a good"Most of the time" guide post tip which we all should include in our Betting strategy.


                                                           Remember this...

                                   Most of the time .... You're gonnaLOSE.   Surrender    Thumbs DownTwitchBlue Thinking LOL 


   Be prepared to bet at least another day or two .....just in case you are Mortal,incorrect,mistaken,evil  ....wrong.   

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Remember this...

                                  Most of the time .... Your gonnaLOSE

I Agree! stop your jokin Green laugh

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Pick 3 slogan


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                         It's a bad idea to play "Most of the time"

                             ****   Odds wise it really is better not to play....slot machines are about 17 times better odds. 

                    Anyone that beats Pick 3 odds...... even once in awhile are ....pretty good...poor but very good. 

 It really is better to set up TRAPS Turkey rather than play every single day no matter what.

  It's better to set up your own rules and just the right conditions.Wait for those windows of opportunity.  Set up limits of play .....and then Stop Stop. Don't chase. 

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I just read the original link from 4 years ago, there was very good advice there. One "most of the time" I've noticed is this.

When you see a double, take the # from the next day and break it down into pairs. Play them 4 days max, they will often hit

in 2. You can use separate or combined draws. Works either way.

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To know what is happening, or what has happened, use diagnostics and statistics.
As most of you all know by now, LotSoftPro has been freeware for more than a year. It can be downloaded from my site, along with some other tools, all freeware.
I don't know if the parser here will allow my url to be shown 'tho... www.

-->edit: nope, parser doesn't allow...--> w    ww. lott  ery   u s  a.w  s      <-- remove the blanks


It's all free at your disposal Smile



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In response to paurths

Paurths ,

       Great to see you back on the Site !!! Yes , The LotSoftPro is the Best of the Best for Pick 3 and Pick 4 games people. It is worth havining ,I can't beleieve its Free too..


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WIN D, i just wanted to say thank You because of you it made me look at things a whole lot different and now i think i have found the last piece to the whole puzzle !

your awesome.Smiley

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Missing pairs

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I was reading the referenced thread and saw the degree of certainty chart. by chance did the original contain the formulas used?  I searched for posts by Thoth and found where he mentioned the charts but the charts are not there.



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