It's important I win tonight's lotto


I want very much to win tonight's lotto.
I need the money.

320million before taxes.
Leaves about198 million cash.

I can do good things with that.
Oh, please let me win.

Yes, I would do the normal things, like the new, sizeable house,
in/around the good part of  Los. Ang.

I would be a wise, and peaceful addition to that neighborhood.

I just want to get well away from the East Coast.

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Begging won't help No No

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In response to AmoWin

198 million cash before taxes.... But and everybody else!!!! I have a list of things to do for me, and a list to do for others about equal in size... Nothing ginormous but enough to make a difference :) good luck to you this evening!!!

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Sounds similar to my plans only I don't plan on living the area and I can do it if I only win the second prize.

I won second prize last month in Ohio's Classic Lotto but that was only good for buying more lottery tickets.

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In response to AmoWin

Good Luck Lep

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In response to AmoWin

Leave the coast to coast stuff to Gorge Noory, who hosts Coast to Coast A.M. late night radio!


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Goodluck...........have a close look at skip nr 7 ! Good chance it might come through

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When you are healthy, you can say that you won the lottery. Lep

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In response to Ricklou

That information and $3.50 will get me a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Thanks ever so much.

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I need to win tonight's jackpot so I can take the cash forget the annuity.  Plus I will split the jackpot with my mother so less money in my pocket.  But I think that I can handle $40 to $50 million to live off since I make about $20,000 a year that will be financial shock.  I will have to grow a custom to the new found wealth that I have but it is a nice headache I would enjoy.  Good luck to me!-weshar75

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i know how u can keep all ur 198million after taxes

In response to AmoWin

You and me both brother....LOl what'll you say we split it......Almost 100 million a piece....what do you say???


I will win tonights Poweball Lottery .

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In response to aprilapple

ok how? Smiley

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In response to rdgrnr

Use it dont use it.........Guitar

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