Does anyone know if there is an online computer program...


that will give you a series of numbers that total a known sum?

I know Excel has something, but I'm looking for something that doesn't involve Excel. Thank you in advance for any help given!

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000 to 999 in three columns, add the total, use filter et voilà!
A program does the same in the background.

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He has a Pick3/4 Wheeling engine for download, free.


Thank you for your comments, but I need the program for 5 number games (Palmetto Cash 5 and Powerball), so the Pick 3 and Pick 4 programs won't help, but I appreciate your input! Thanks y'all!

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on my homepage you will find a free pick5 wheeling engine also : http://www.<snip>/

Also, lotsoftpro is freeware, in case someone should still not know about it.


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Welcome Back , Ricky ( paruths)

                                     Great to see you Posting again !! Youre Pick 5 Wheeling Engine is the Best .. What can we expect for software release in 2013 ?

               I hope all is well with Family . Have a Happy New Year !!

                                                                                                            Cheers ,


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There is also Experto Lotto Pro. It's not free but there is a trial version.


thank you for the comments . I checked into the programs y'all mentioned but sadly they do not offer the service I need...One does offer it for 3 and 4 number games but not 5 number lotteries...but thanks anyway!!

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On my homepage, when you scroll down you'll find "F5ve Free Wheeling Engine now available for download", this is a pick5 wheeling engine.


I am not able to locate the F5ve Free Wheeling Engine.

Can anyone post a direct link to it?

Thank you.

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If you have a small pick 5 with less than 44 numbers, you still can do this in Excel. You could buy a wheeling program that does sums, but again if you want to shrink a too big wheel you also can use a spreadsheet.

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For Palmetto Cash 5 if you keep your "Sums" between 86 ( minimum) - 115 ( maximum ), you could have an "expectancy" of ( 86 - 115 ) in every 2.1 drawings.

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Thanks riscknight, but in the cases I'm speaking of, the exact sum of the next draw is already known, and I'm looking for  a list of 5 numbers between 1-38 that will total that exact known sum...thanks for the input and thanks everyone for trying to help...

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