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Things didn’t go the way I wanted making $447 back from my $1025 initial investment. I told myself I’d quit the game if I didn’t end up up but I still want to keep on playing, which is a dangerous slope. Either way here are my some of my results

California Lottery:

$10 Ticket Scratchers

$250 Million Cash Spectacular:

Ticket Wins: 2 (44,40)   $$$ Wins: $15 (25) $15 (20)

$1 Million Fortune:

Ticket Wins: 2 (23,26)   $$$ Wins: $15 (23) $20 (22) $15 (40)

$ 5 Ticket Scratchers

Fantastic 10’s:

Ticket Wins: 4 (19,61,1,28) $$$ Wins: $6 (35) $10 (18) $6 (66) $15 (01)

Triple 777’s:

Ticket Wins: 3 (50,6,19)

Black Pearls:

Ticket Wins: 1 (68) $$$ Wins: $20 (57) $15 (35)

California Black:

Ticket Wins: 3 (41,21,26) $$$ Wins: $15 (07) $6 (08) $30 (40) $6 (53) $6 (14)

Hot Streak:

Ticket Wins: 1 (35) $$$ Wins: $6 (60) $10 (74) $6 (56) $10 (32) $6 (23) $6 (29)

Strike It Rich:

$$$ Wins: $10 (71) $10 (69) $20 (75)

Set For Life:

Ticket Wins: 2 (33,66) $$$ Wins: $6 (77)

Mega Crossword:

$$$ Wins: $15 (26)

Jumbo Bucks:

$$$ Wins: $10 (28)


I swear california scratcher is the <snip>tiest of all the states. Those lottery officials are seriously stingy to the point even the set for life scratcher only pays out  to only 20 years.

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I've only been scratching for about a month now...

Biggest wins:

Strike It Rich: $100 

Black Pearls: $50

Didn't pay attention to the ticket numbers back when I started.

 The first time I decided to purchase a bunch of randoms I spent exactly $500 and returned $514 which is pretty decent as you are only suppossed to average 40% of your investment.

Does anyone happen to know any ticket numbers for specific games that tend to hit?


If there's any scratchers out there from Oxnard/Ventura I'd like to hear from you!


Started playing about 8 months back. I usually play only some of the $5 and the $10 ones. So far maximum I have hit is $50 which is a disgrace. My buys are spread in Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, Studio City , Sherman Oaks and Anaheim areas.

I will be dropping another $40 on $10s and $5 tomorrow. A collegue of mine played 11 months , $20 each week and he hit a $1 million last week in the $250 million scratcher...very lucky guy !


Also RJSushi , I am not aware of any ticket numbers for specific games that tend to hit.


That's awesome for your friend. I hope he spends his winnings wisely. If I ever win the big prize, hopefully soon, I'm gonna settle down and start gambling with properties instead.

I used to live in North Hollywood and worked in Sherman Oaks. You probably already know about Porto's in Burbank but if you don't try the potato balls, they're my favorite.

Yesterday's plays

$250 Million Spec : loss (37)

Black Pearls: free ticket (07)

I probably should have bought a few more black pearls but only had a fiver to spare.

Going to Arizona for a week and will buy a book of something over there, can't wait.

In response to RJSushi

Why would you play all those low return, small $$$ tickets???

Everyone knows that higher ticket price = higher return.

In response to RJSushi

Here in AZ the best we can sell you is Extreme Green for $20. that only has a $250k prize.

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I get so mad when a 10$ ticket pays back 15$. I see you have a few of them.


I live in Toluca Lake neighborhood near Pass ave and Riverside for past 12 years..Been renting and my aim is to win big and buy a home. Yes Portos is about 0.5 miles from my crib :-)


Today's play

4 $10 Fortunes - return $30

2 $10 $250 million scratcher - $15 + 1 free ticket.


Not bad. Dropped $60 and got $55 effectively back.


I wanted to play a wide variety of tix, even the lower ones just for the fun of it...Playing only the more expensive tix and getting killed by them made me want to try out the lower ones to see if they were paying out. I'm going to Arizona next week and am planning to buy a roll of $5 tix, any advice on which to buy?



not to shabby at all...I'm glad you were able to walk away. If I scratched those tix at the store I would've payed out and gone back to machine scratching for more wins.

Have you had any larger luck on those $10 tix? So far, I've scratched 31 of them and the best win so far was only for $20.

Better luck next time )))


The max I have got on the $10 is $50 twice but nothing beyond that. Interestingly I got a 20X in one of the Fortune scratcher but then I found a $1 under it...DUH ! Just $20 plus a number matching for $ total $30 on that one tix...


Was cashing winnings today and couldn't help buy play since I saw a Jumbo bucks, Set for life, and Hot streak at the end of their rolls. Not good so far on the Jumbo bucks and Set for Life...Gonna scratch the Hot streak's later.

Set For Life:

74: -

75: $6

76: Ticket

77: -

78: Ticket

79: - 

I thought I was at least gonna get my money back on these. Darn


Jumbo Bucks killed me:

Tickets 70 - 79:

72: Ticket

78: $6


The Set For Life game is almost ending and a clerk told me they took his last roll away. I wonder if they are pulling them to avoid paying out the remaining 10 top prizes as one of them was recently redeemed in the past week.

Yucky so far. I hopd the Hot Streak tickets live up to their name )))

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Thanks Chacha! I meant to say I have not won something more than $100 in many months which is where the odds get steeper.

I plan on still playing but sparingly as I have these days. Being honest about these things, the win like this will eventually run out when 60% of the return is allocated for the common prizes, in this case, the top prize alone takes a whopping 11% of the 81.4% return. A good stopping point (to retire from playing) would be a $10,000 win, but I will not go out of my way to chase that or hold my breath.

I still have some funds left after winning $500 from the 5million jackpot scratcher last year. I will go about playing one $30 ticket a week for the first 3 weeks of the month. If one of the three is a ticket break even or a winner, I will get one more for the 4th week. I do not have the same disposable income as before (I regret losing as much as I have in the past) but it is enough to do a few tickets a month. Buying 6 $5 tickets is not the same as buying a $30 in terms of return.


It seems like the California Lottery is getting more desperate with the declining sales of scratch off tickets to start doing in person surveys.

I got an invite by e-mail yesterday, I did many surveys for the past few years but this is taking it to another level...

--- Beginning of Message ---

This message is being sent to you as you have registered to participate in various programs offered by theCaliforniaLottery. Only a select group of our registered players are being sent this email invitation.

We are currently scheduling in-person "one-on-one discussions" with Players as part of a research study. As one of our valued players we would like to invite you to complete this short online survey, which will determine if you are eligible to participate in a "one-on-one discussion" with a member of our Lottery staff. We will ask you questions about yourself and your Lottery play.

This online survey should take approximately 3 minutes of your time. We would appreciate your feedback by Tuesday, September 22nd, so that you may be eligible to participate. Within the following weeks a member of our Lottery staff may call you at the phone number you provide and ask a few more questions to see if we can arrange a good time to meet with you in person.

If you are chosen to participate in a "one on one" discussion (located in your area) you will be given at least$100 in Scratchers® tickets, at the end of the meeting. This is a token of our appreciation for your time.

Only players who have been invited can complete this survey. Therefore, at the start of the survey you will be asked to enter your Lottery 2nd Chance number (as included in this email) or the email address where this invitation was sent.

--- End of Message ---

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In response to CAScratcher20

Yeah.  Pretty lame.

In response to CAScratcher20

Ha! I got this email a few months ago... They upped the compensation from $60 to $100.


I bought a 30th Anniversary Scratcher.  It became wet on the bottom and the numbers for the $100 - $1000 match game can not be read.  The bar code used to find out if is a winner at a scanner also probably ruined.

If I enter the ticket in the 2nd Chance Drawing will it be rejected if it is a winning ticket?

What other options are there to find out if it is a winning ticket?

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In response to JWBlue

The 2nd chance should reject the ticket if it's a winner.  If it does reject it, I guess a trip to the local lottery office would be in order.


If the merchant can read the 16 digit code as well as the Roll ID and Ticket number, they can enter all those numbers to cash out. If not, you have to go to the district office even if it is for a measly TICKET or $40, you get a check in the mail since they do not have cash in hand.

2nd chance rejects winners, only losing codes are kept track in their system.


The new scanning feature with your smart phone is the best thing the California Lottery has done in the last 20 years.

In response to Rudeboy805

Hardly at all, the scanning feature only benefits to those that play high volume. It is nifty but scanning too many winning tickets by accident locks out your account for 30 minutes.

The Assembly Bill 142 in 2009 that took out the mandatory 33 or 34 cents per every dollar played to education is the best thing.  Other than that I liked the Raffle back in 2003,  but they never brought it back after one run, it was the best chance at winning $1 million ever offered by the CALottery.

In response to CAScratcher20

"High volume" as in people that have a gambling problem or dumpster divers.  I hated having to enter those tickets manually.

In response to CAScratcher20

The raffle was last offered in 2008; tickets were $20 a pop and the lowest prize was $2,008. It didn't sell out and they haven't offered it since.

In response to Chacha33

I forgot about that one, the first one was better though, more winners. It sold enough to get 10 top prizes instead of the standard 5 if it exceeded the threshold.


One of the $10 million prizes is off the books. No update about the winner.

In response to CAScratcher20

saw online it was in Modesto or something

for more news - NY is releasing the Extra Play game on Tuesday it looks exactly the same as yours and the back plays exactly the same way - not sure about the front yet - pic attached


edit - no $50 burst in NY on the front but we have the 5 and 10x wonder if CA lotto should sue - but then the odds would suck even more in NY

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