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Things didn’t go the way I wanted making $447 back from my $1025 initial investment. I told myself I’d quit the game if I didn’t end up up but I still want to keep on playing, which is a dangerous slope. Either way here are my some of my results

California Lottery:

$10 Ticket Scratchers

$250 Million Cash Spectacular:

Ticket Wins: 2 (44,40)   $$$ Wins: $15 (25) $15 (20)

$1 Million Fortune:

Ticket Wins: 2 (23,26)   $$$ Wins: $15 (23) $20 (22) $15 (40)

$ 5 Ticket Scratchers

Fantastic 10’s:

Ticket Wins: 4 (19,61,1,28) $$$ Wins: $6 (35) $10 (18) $6 (66) $15 (01)

Triple 777’s:

Ticket Wins: 3 (50,6,19)

Black Pearls:

Ticket Wins: 1 (68) $$$ Wins: $20 (57) $15 (35)

California Black:

Ticket Wins: 3 (41,21,26) $$$ Wins: $15 (07) $6 (08) $30 (40) $6 (53) $6 (14)

Hot Streak:

Ticket Wins: 1 (35) $$$ Wins: $6 (60) $10 (74) $6 (56) $10 (32) $6 (23) $6 (29)

Strike It Rich:

$$$ Wins: $10 (71) $10 (69) $20 (75)

Set For Life:

Ticket Wins: 2 (33,66) $$$ Wins: $6 (77)

Mega Crossword:

$$$ Wins: $15 (26)

Jumbo Bucks:

$$$ Wins: $10 (28)


I swear california scratcher is the <snip>tiest of all the states. Those lottery officials are seriously stingy to the point even the set for life scratcher only pays out  to only 20 years.

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I've only been scratching for about a month now...

Biggest wins:

Strike It Rich: $100 

Black Pearls: $50

Didn't pay attention to the ticket numbers back when I started.

 The first time I decided to purchase a bunch of randoms I spent exactly $500 and returned $514 which is pretty decent as you are only suppossed to average 40% of your investment.

Does anyone happen to know any ticket numbers for specific games that tend to hit?


If there's any scratchers out there from Oxnard/Ventura I'd like to hear from you!


Started playing about 8 months back. I usually play only some of the $5 and the $10 ones. So far maximum I have hit is $50 which is a disgrace. My buys are spread in Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, Studio City , Sherman Oaks and Anaheim areas.

I will be dropping another $40 on $10s and $5 tomorrow. A collegue of mine played 11 months , $20 each week and he hit a $1 million last week in the $250 million scratcher...very lucky guy !


Also RJSushi , I am not aware of any ticket numbers for specific games that tend to hit.


That's awesome for your friend. I hope he spends his winnings wisely. If I ever win the big prize, hopefully soon, I'm gonna settle down and start gambling with properties instead.

I used to live in North Hollywood and worked in Sherman Oaks. You probably already know about Porto's in Burbank but if you don't try the potato balls, they're my favorite.

Yesterday's plays

$250 Million Spec : loss (37)

Black Pearls: free ticket (07)

I probably should have bought a few more black pearls but only had a fiver to spare.

Going to Arizona for a week and will buy a book of something over there, can't wait.

In response to RJSushi

Why would you play all those low return, small $$$ tickets???

Everyone knows that higher ticket price = higher return.

In response to RJSushi

Here in AZ the best we can sell you is Extreme Green for $20. that only has a $250k prize.

RedStang's avatar - laughing chimp.gif

I get so mad when a 10$ ticket pays back 15$. I see you have a few of them.


I live in Toluca Lake neighborhood near Pass ave and Riverside for past 12 years..Been renting and my aim is to win big and buy a home. Yes Portos is about 0.5 miles from my crib :-)


Today's play

4 $10 Fortunes - return $30

2 $10 $250 million scratcher - $15 + 1 free ticket.


Not bad. Dropped $60 and got $55 effectively back.


I wanted to play a wide variety of tix, even the lower ones just for the fun of it...Playing only the more expensive tix and getting killed by them made me want to try out the lower ones to see if they were paying out. I'm going to Arizona next week and am planning to buy a roll of $5 tix, any advice on which to buy?



not to shabby at all...I'm glad you were able to walk away. If I scratched those tix at the store I would've payed out and gone back to machine scratching for more wins.

Have you had any larger luck on those $10 tix? So far, I've scratched 31 of them and the best win so far was only for $20.

Better luck next time )))


The max I have got on the $10 is $50 twice but nothing beyond that. Interestingly I got a 20X in one of the Fortune scratcher but then I found a $1 under it...DUH ! Just $20 plus a number matching for $ total $30 on that one tix...


Was cashing winnings today and couldn't help buy play since I saw a Jumbo bucks, Set for life, and Hot streak at the end of their rolls. Not good so far on the Jumbo bucks and Set for Life...Gonna scratch the Hot streak's later.

Set For Life:

74: -

75: $6

76: Ticket

77: -

78: Ticket

79: - 

I thought I was at least gonna get my money back on these. Darn


Jumbo Bucks killed me:

Tickets 70 - 79:

72: Ticket

78: $6


The Set For Life game is almost ending and a clerk told me they took his last roll away. I wonder if they are pulling them to avoid paying out the remaining 10 top prizes as one of them was recently redeemed in the past week.

Yucky so far. I hopd the Hot Streak tickets live up to their name )))

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In response to Rudeboy805

A good way to show self-restraint from playing a game where the odds are severely against the player? Sure.

A good way to win? Nope, the laws of probably are nearly the same if the tickets are bought a week apart let alone a decade. I highly doubt the person took a that long of a hiatus. Probably made it up as something interesting to say to the reporters. It is hard to overlook at the major improvements to the scratchers over the past few years. Also most people here agree that I only bought 1 or 2 tickets in my life (and at high denominations) stories are a load of BS. Cannot argue with the windfall the person got.


I was not expecting it, but I really appreciate that you are sharing more of your outcome with more of these roll purchases Wowdidiwin

Sorry to hear your losses with the $30 games, the amount is not easy for most people in the low to middle class to stomach in a short span of play. To put things into perspective, it is one week's worth of labor/pay AFTER taxes to most people that play the lottery. DGinElMonte has shown us earlier in the thread  that it is possible for a roll to pay back just 30% of its value.

The most valuable part I got out of the report is that, each roll can have a rough stretches, where just 1 TICKET or small $40 win in a span of 7-8 tickets. Chasing a win can be more devastating at $30 apiece.

Two good things I can think of is that you do not have to worry about ticket hawks and you gain more entries into the second chance drawings.

Take it easy and play responsibly, good luck to you wowdidiwin.


Bought 2 more of the 30th Anniversary games, won $40 (2 $20 spots) on one of the tickets #25. The ticket #26 was a loss.

In response to CAScratcher20

Well I think it's bad PR for the California Lottery to have a report that a infrequent lottery player won a jackpot. Especially when there are frequent players that support the "Lottery System" and never find a scratcher worth more than $100 or $500 in a Lifetime of playing.

In response to CAScratcher20

Won't be playing the $30 scratcher which I find to be borderline criminal when you consider that the state lottery preys on the lower income populations.

In response to Rudeboy805

I totally agree, the odds are so stacked above the $100 prize tier that it does not reward the frequent players with the big prizes. Despite the surge of sales from 2009-2012 from AB142, people are starting to realize it is not a winnable game no matter how much they play.

To see an infrequent player winning is just further insulting to the regular players thinking they will have a chance one day.

In response to Rudeboy805

I'm in NY but I would imagine it's the same in most states - when a person wins a jackpot prize in a lottery the lottery must report it to the media. Whether or not the winner is an infrequent player or not is besides the point. They are just advertising the fact that someone won the jackpot.

Believe me, I'm a very frequent player as well but I've never won more that a few hundred at a time and would love to win a huge jackpot but most of it is just pure luck...the person was in the right place at the right time.

Congratulations to the winner and maybe next time it will be one of us! Cheers

In response to Ralphie762

Ralphie, the jackpot winners in this state have the option to remain anonymous. The top prize list is updated daily, but the Lottery need not report the winner or where the ticket was sold, although there are notable exceptions which can easily be found on the site. In any event, finding a winning Scratcher over $100 is incredibly hard to find and in my 16 years of playing, has only happened to me three times.

In response to Chacha33

Thanks for the update, ChaCha! I would have thought that California, along with NY would be one of the states that required their winners to reveal themselves in public in order to claim their prize. I wish NY had a similar policy!

I'm sorry to hear about your luck with the scratch-offs. It isn't easy but know that better luck has to be on the way! Three wins of only $100.00 in sixteen years pretty much indicates that the tides have to turn soon and a huge win is on the way!

Don't give up!Cheers

In response to Ralphie762

No, three wins of over $100. $200 twice and $1,000. $100 wins are common. Anything above that is a real crapshoot. But thanks for the good wishes and same to you. Smile

In response to Rudeboy805

Totally agree!

But this is a great recruitment story/tool for the calotto to inspire casual players to buy a scratcher here and there... A little here, a little there, a little everywhere... Equals a lot more sales for the dealer...

In response to Ralphie762

A point of clarification. My original post had nothing to with the state requirement to report the winner to the media. The story came from an interview the winner gave to the local TV news media it wasn't the media reporting a California Lottery press release. Winners aren't required to give interviews after winning.

In response to slurpee

The lottery depends on frequent players not infrequent players.  Again we all know the lottery preys on the lower income levels for support. And they walk a very very thin line when it comes to compulsive gambling.  Bottom line though the lottery doesn't reward frequent players.  Instead of being a weekly player as I was in 2014 my play level in 2015 has dropped to every couple of weeks.  Next year it will be monthly which only mean less lottery revenue collected from this California resident. Again I say that story was bad PR for the Lottery because my play/revenue will decrea$e.


Last week I bought 2 more 30th Anniversary tickets, #11 and #12, both were TICKET prizes so I immediately redeemed them for #13 and #14 which was a dud and a $50 winner.

Today I bought 2 more and finally won this time


Ticket #23 was for $50 (single number match) but when scratching off #24, I was thrilled to see the CALottery logo for the Win All prize. I added it up to $400. Have not won $100 in a very long time.


In response to CAScratcher20

Well done, man. You going to pocket your winnings or buy more tix?

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