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Things didn’t go the way I wanted making $447 back from my $1025 initial investment. I told myself I’d quit the game if I didn’t end up up but I still want to keep on playing, which is a dangerous slope. Either way here are my some of my results

California Lottery:

$10 Ticket Scratchers

$250 Million Cash Spectacular:

Ticket Wins: 2 (44,40)   $$$ Wins: $15 (25) $15 (20)

$1 Million Fortune:

Ticket Wins: 2 (23,26)   $$$ Wins: $15 (23) $20 (22) $15 (40)

$ 5 Ticket Scratchers

Fantastic 10’s:

Ticket Wins: 4 (19,61,1,28) $$$ Wins: $6 (35) $10 (18) $6 (66) $15 (01)

Triple 777’s:

Ticket Wins: 3 (50,6,19)

Black Pearls:

Ticket Wins: 1 (68) $$$ Wins: $20 (57) $15 (35)

California Black:

Ticket Wins: 3 (41,21,26) $$$ Wins: $15 (07) $6 (08) $30 (40) $6 (53) $6 (14)

Hot Streak:

Ticket Wins: 1 (35) $$$ Wins: $6 (60) $10 (74) $6 (56) $10 (32) $6 (23) $6 (29)

Strike It Rich:

$$$ Wins: $10 (71) $10 (69) $20 (75)

Set For Life:

Ticket Wins: 2 (33,66) $$$ Wins: $6 (77)

Mega Crossword:

$$$ Wins: $15 (26)

Jumbo Bucks:

$$$ Wins: $10 (28)


I swear california scratcher is the <snip>tiest of all the states. Those lottery officials are seriously stingy to the point even the set for life scratcher only pays out  to only 20 years.

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I've only been scratching for about a month now...

Biggest wins:

Strike It Rich: $100 

Black Pearls: $50

Didn't pay attention to the ticket numbers back when I started.

 The first time I decided to purchase a bunch of randoms I spent exactly $500 and returned $514 which is pretty decent as you are only suppossed to average 40% of your investment.

Does anyone happen to know any ticket numbers for specific games that tend to hit?


If there's any scratchers out there from Oxnard/Ventura I'd like to hear from you!


Started playing about 8 months back. I usually play only some of the $5 and the $10 ones. So far maximum I have hit is $50 which is a disgrace. My buys are spread in Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, Studio City , Sherman Oaks and Anaheim areas.

I will be dropping another $40 on $10s and $5 tomorrow. A collegue of mine played 11 months , $20 each week and he hit a $1 million last week in the $250 million scratcher...very lucky guy !


Also RJSushi , I am not aware of any ticket numbers for specific games that tend to hit.


That's awesome for your friend. I hope he spends his winnings wisely. If I ever win the big prize, hopefully soon, I'm gonna settle down and start gambling with properties instead.

I used to live in North Hollywood and worked in Sherman Oaks. You probably already know about Porto's in Burbank but if you don't try the potato balls, they're my favorite.

Yesterday's plays

$250 Million Spec : loss (37)

Black Pearls: free ticket (07)

I probably should have bought a few more black pearls but only had a fiver to spare.

Going to Arizona for a week and will buy a book of something over there, can't wait.

In response to RJSushi

Why would you play all those low return, small $$$ tickets???

Everyone knows that higher ticket price = higher return.

In response to RJSushi

Here in AZ the best we can sell you is Extreme Green for $20. that only has a $250k prize.

RedStang's avatar - laughing chimp.gif

I get so mad when a 10$ ticket pays back 15$. I see you have a few of them.


I live in Toluca Lake neighborhood near Pass ave and Riverside for past 12 years..Been renting and my aim is to win big and buy a home. Yes Portos is about 0.5 miles from my crib :-)


Today's play

4 $10 Fortunes - return $30

2 $10 $250 million scratcher - $15 + 1 free ticket.


Not bad. Dropped $60 and got $55 effectively back.


I wanted to play a wide variety of tix, even the lower ones just for the fun of it...Playing only the more expensive tix and getting killed by them made me want to try out the lower ones to see if they were paying out. I'm going to Arizona next week and am planning to buy a roll of $5 tix, any advice on which to buy?



not to shabby at all...I'm glad you were able to walk away. If I scratched those tix at the store I would've payed out and gone back to machine scratching for more wins.

Have you had any larger luck on those $10 tix? So far, I've scratched 31 of them and the best win so far was only for $20.

Better luck next time )))


The max I have got on the $10 is $50 twice but nothing beyond that. Interestingly I got a 20X in one of the Fortune scratcher but then I found a $1 under it...DUH ! Just $20 plus a number matching for $ total $30 on that one tix...


Was cashing winnings today and couldn't help buy play since I saw a Jumbo bucks, Set for life, and Hot streak at the end of their rolls. Not good so far on the Jumbo bucks and Set for Life...Gonna scratch the Hot streak's later.

Set For Life:

74: -

75: $6

76: Ticket

77: -

78: Ticket

79: - 

I thought I was at least gonna get my money back on these. Darn


Jumbo Bucks killed me:

Tickets 70 - 79:

72: Ticket

78: $6


The Set For Life game is almost ending and a clerk told me they took his last roll away. I wonder if they are pulling them to avoid paying out the remaining 10 top prizes as one of them was recently redeemed in the past week.

Yucky so far. I hopd the Hot Streak tickets live up to their name )))

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In response to Wowdidiwin

Welcome to this forum.

Thanks for sharing your story about the booklet purchase.

Do not be mislead by the 75% overall payout, it does not mean you will get that much in return. About 65% of the payout on most high denomination games ($5/$10/$20 tickets) are allocated to the break even TICKET prizes up to $100 prize. Anything over $100 mark becomes very difficult to win with steep odds and that makes up the other 10%.

Even if you have the disposable income to play entire books/rolls, I would be really cautious. You did get an above average return the last two times, but do not be surprised if you get less than $300 (half of what you pay for) if you happen to buy another roll. I was once bought 10-20 tickets a week a few years ago and those losses can really add up quickly. The positive is that you did get many entries to the 2nd Chance $50,000 Playbook promotion, but even that is a longshot to win.

Play the game for fun and responsibly. Do not try to chase for the top prize. It may not even be in the vacinity of where you live.

You are not guaranteed to even win $1000 if you buy thousands of tickets. I been playing for more than 14 years and never won $1000.

In response to CAScratcher20

yup a lot of people make that mistake - books usually actually pay out around 55-60% (some are as low as 50%)

there are states that guarantee minimum amounts in a book - California to my knowledge is not one of them, so do not be surprised if you ever buy a book and only get back 30 something percent - has happened to others elsewhere


Thanks for the info. I'll definitely take that into consideration next time i play. Scratchers have been good to me lately. Won $500 from Ultimate Riches 3 weeks ago, $500 from Hit $500, and a couple 3x $100 from Million Dollar Tax Paid. But so far nothing bigger than $100 winning from Deluxe 7's.


The lowest I've seen a $20 game pack pay out is ~$180.   One of my regulars who plays A LOT used to buy multiple books of the $20 games and she kept meticulous records on them.

More recently, she still plays a pack, but I'll hold a pack to the side so she can pull from that exclusively that isn't kept in the regular display.  Lately, she's had pretty good luck on the Playbook and has won 2 $1,000 prizes so far.  But don't be surprised if you see 10 sequential tickets with no winners, it happens more often than you think.

In response to DGinElMonte

Nice to hear from you again.

Thanks for providing that info to us! $180 is just 30% payout on a $20 game pack. I did recall that I once got less than half on one of the 3 packs I've ever bought. 

My worst experience was 19 losers on a 20 $10 sequential tickets.

Was wondering if you heard anything about the $30 game coming out this month or even possibly a $50 game later on?


I haven't heard much about the $30 game.  I actually got some information on it the same day that you posted the picture up.  I brought the bundle of paperwork home with me but after you posted the picture, I figured it would be a waste since most of the information is retailer related.  Let me sift through and if I think there's anything worth knowing I'll post it here. 

My lottery rep isn't the greatest so I have to constantly nag her to get any tidbit of information out of her.  I generally have to go over her head to get any real concrete information.  I've heard rumblings about a $50 game but no clear word on if or when it'll come out. 

I'm sure you all heard about the Powerball change coming this November?


For purchasing a full pack of scratch cards, here's my experience:

I bought a full pack of $10 "Big Money" last week, $500 in total. Not surprisingly, there's no big winners in the whole pack but plenty of $10, ticket, and $25 winners. The biggest prize was a $50. In total I got payback around $460. So compared to former posts talking about low payback in full packs I thought I am kind of lucky.

I also bought another full pack of $5 "Money Money Multiplier" earlier, for $400. The biggest winner was like $30, and I got payback around $220.

Not planning to purchase any more packs in the future.

In response to DGinElMonte

I do know a retailer in Orange County and he said that $50 game will be in stores by the end of the year, possibly next January.

In response to DGinElMonte

We are 3 weeks away form the $30 game to debut, I should have specifically wondered if you had the payout table odds information. Seems like there will be bunch of TICKET winners, I wanted to see how saturated the payouts are to either go with 3 $30 tickets a month or stick with the 3 $20s a month (maybe 4 if they come out with a good $20 game). I will do it if the $500 prize will be slightly easier to win since that prize requires no tax reporting.

ChaCha33 has credible information and probably it will exist so maybe I'll transition into 2 $50 tickets a month.

I am not in favor of the Powerball changes, they are trying to imitate Mega Millions by increasing the white ball range and reducing the power ball range but they are 2 years late to the punch.

The lotteries see that jackpot games get popular only when the jackpot gets high. Surprisingly people are hitting them before it ever reaches $400 million. Powerball is at a loss right now so its a reaction on their part. Most people strongly think that charging $2 a ticket would be the greater downfall.

I won't play any Mega Millions or Powerball unless the jackpots are at $300 million AND the 5/5 + no Mega/Power rollover prize is at least $1.5 million. These days I do not have much money to "throw away".


Surprisingly the Deluxe 7's Playbook has been out for more than a month now and selling great. 25% of the tickets have been claimed but none of the top prize has been claimed.

In response to CAScratcher20

interesting maybe time to buy loads of those if i ever get out to CA soon would maybe even buy a book of those


Congrats to the $63mil super lotto winner in Chatsworth.

What would I do with just $20k from that

some folks are just lucky or the "chosen few"

In response to CAScratcher20

A man in my town (Fresno, CA) won 1 million dollar from the Deluxe 7's Playbook.


Picked up 5 scratchers Sunday afternoon.  Two 50X the Cash, two Million Dollar Jackpots and one Deluxe 7 Playbook.

Won $100 on one of the 50X the Cash. Won $25 on one of the Million Dollar Jackpots. Got a push on the Deluxe 7.  So grand total $145.00 cashed in this afternoon.

Again on the losing tickets the number 14 was present, but no 14's on the Winners.

With the winnings I bought four 20X the Cash, each one was a loser and the number 14 was on each losing scratcher.

In response to Rudeboy805

I find it very interesting that everyone is so interested in the number of the ticket?  Is it just superstition?

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