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Things didn’t go the way I wanted making $447 back from my $1025 initial investment. I told myself I’d quit the game if I didn’t end up up but I still want to keep on playing, which is a dangerous slope. Either way here are my some of my results

California Lottery:

$10 Ticket Scratchers

$250 Million Cash Spectacular:

Ticket Wins: 2 (44,40)   $$$ Wins: $15 (25) $15 (20)

$1 Million Fortune:

Ticket Wins: 2 (23,26)   $$$ Wins: $15 (23) $20 (22) $15 (40)

$ 5 Ticket Scratchers

Fantastic 10’s:

Ticket Wins: 4 (19,61,1,28) $$$ Wins: $6 (35) $10 (18) $6 (66) $15 (01)

Triple 777’s:

Ticket Wins: 3 (50,6,19)

Black Pearls:

Ticket Wins: 1 (68) $$$ Wins: $20 (57) $15 (35)

California Black:

Ticket Wins: 3 (41,21,26) $$$ Wins: $15 (07) $6 (08) $30 (40) $6 (53) $6 (14)

Hot Streak:

Ticket Wins: 1 (35) $$$ Wins: $6 (60) $10 (74) $6 (56) $10 (32) $6 (23) $6 (29)

Strike It Rich:

$$$ Wins: $10 (71) $10 (69) $20 (75)

Set For Life:

Ticket Wins: 2 (33,66) $$$ Wins: $6 (77)

Mega Crossword:

$$$ Wins: $15 (26)

Jumbo Bucks:

$$$ Wins: $10 (28)


I swear california scratcher is the <snip>tiest of all the states. Those lottery officials are seriously stingy to the point even the set for life scratcher only pays out  to only 20 years.

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I've only been scratching for about a month now...

Biggest wins:

Strike It Rich: $100 

Black Pearls: $50

Didn't pay attention to the ticket numbers back when I started.

 The first time I decided to purchase a bunch of randoms I spent exactly $500 and returned $514 which is pretty decent as you are only suppossed to average 40% of your investment.

Does anyone happen to know any ticket numbers for specific games that tend to hit?


If there's any scratchers out there from Oxnard/Ventura I'd like to hear from you!


Started playing about 8 months back. I usually play only some of the $5 and the $10 ones. So far maximum I have hit is $50 which is a disgrace. My buys are spread in Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, Studio City , Sherman Oaks and Anaheim areas.

I will be dropping another $40 on $10s and $5 tomorrow. A collegue of mine played 11 months , $20 each week and he hit a $1 million last week in the $250 million scratcher...very lucky guy !


Also RJSushi , I am not aware of any ticket numbers for specific games that tend to hit.


That's awesome for your friend. I hope he spends his winnings wisely. If I ever win the big prize, hopefully soon, I'm gonna settle down and start gambling with properties instead.

I used to live in North Hollywood and worked in Sherman Oaks. You probably already know about Porto's in Burbank but if you don't try the potato balls, they're my favorite.

Yesterday's plays

$250 Million Spec : loss (37)

Black Pearls: free ticket (07)

I probably should have bought a few more black pearls but only had a fiver to spare.

Going to Arizona for a week and will buy a book of something over there, can't wait.

In response to RJSushi

Why would you play all those low return, small $$$ tickets???

Everyone knows that higher ticket price = higher return.

In response to RJSushi

Here in AZ the best we can sell you is Extreme Green for $20. that only has a $250k prize.

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I get so mad when a 10$ ticket pays back 15$. I see you have a few of them.


I live in Toluca Lake neighborhood near Pass ave and Riverside for past 12 years..Been renting and my aim is to win big and buy a home. Yes Portos is about 0.5 miles from my crib :-)


Today's play

4 $10 Fortunes - return $30

2 $10 $250 million scratcher - $15 + 1 free ticket.


Not bad. Dropped $60 and got $55 effectively back.


I wanted to play a wide variety of tix, even the lower ones just for the fun of it...Playing only the more expensive tix and getting killed by them made me want to try out the lower ones to see if they were paying out. I'm going to Arizona next week and am planning to buy a roll of $5 tix, any advice on which to buy?



not to shabby at all...I'm glad you were able to walk away. If I scratched those tix at the store I would've payed out and gone back to machine scratching for more wins.

Have you had any larger luck on those $10 tix? So far, I've scratched 31 of them and the best win so far was only for $20.

Better luck next time )))


The max I have got on the $10 is $50 twice but nothing beyond that. Interestingly I got a 20X in one of the Fortune scratcher but then I found a $1 under it...DUH ! Just $20 plus a number matching for $ total $30 on that one tix...


Was cashing winnings today and couldn't help buy play since I saw a Jumbo bucks, Set for life, and Hot streak at the end of their rolls. Not good so far on the Jumbo bucks and Set for Life...Gonna scratch the Hot streak's later.

Set For Life:

74: -

75: $6

76: Ticket

77: -

78: Ticket

79: - 

I thought I was at least gonna get my money back on these. Darn


Jumbo Bucks killed me:

Tickets 70 - 79:

72: Ticket

78: $6


The Set For Life game is almost ending and a clerk told me they took his last roll away. I wonder if they are pulling them to avoid paying out the remaining 10 top prizes as one of them was recently redeemed in the past week.

Yucky so far. I hopd the Hot Streak tickets live up to their name )))

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In response to sudlor

Nice $30 win on Diamond. I haven't even hit one of those yet.

Got $100, and a $50 which is same 1-in-100 odds as the $30.(and both higher than $100 odds)


i was tempted to buy the next diamond ... #35 cos i love them multiples of 5's but i didn't want to spoil the good feeling of being even ... *^^*

have you found the diamond or any of the newer games to be sequential like the fortune 55?

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In response to sudlor

The Diamond Mil has the same odds and prize structure as $1M Fortune. I don't have a lot of data on it yet, but so far it appears to play the same: less than 20% sequential hits compared to single hits.(not clumpy) Best method to play this game would be 1 at a time and then stop at a win.


great advice JonD ...

i will try that out on the $1m and the diamond million ...

any calls on them $5 scratchers?

i still love playing the $3 also, but i hate the current games cos they all require too much work ... and the 10x has not been kind lately

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In response to sudlor

The new $5 games $500K and Smokin Hot are about average, only about 1/3 as many sequential hits as single hits. They sacrifice some payout to make the top prize higher. If you want clumpy and higher hit ratio, Fortune 55 and Ruby Red are still better.

I play some $3 games occasionally when I have some extra $ from redemptions. Cool Cash has been mostly a bust so far. But I'm running a profit on the Tripling Crossword. I find that I get a lot more first ticket winners on those, as you typically see people buy small crosswords to go, so they aren't depleted as much by win chasers and ticket hawks.


cool advice on them xword scratchers ... *^^*

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It's been more than a week now since the last $10 LFL winner was announced but they haven't changed the number of top prize winners from 6 to 7.


JonD been taking your advice and snatching single xwords here and there ... the new $5 mega been nice ... hit a $10 and a $25 ... whee


Haven't bought a scratcher in a week and I feel good about it..

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In response to mnsweeps

Congrats on your will power! Thumbs Up

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In response to sudlor

Good work on those Xwords! Yeah, it may not give you an edge, but it can level the playing field sometimes where other games are played out due to win chasers and hawks. But still depends on store and time of day.

I see some new games coming out:

The new $5 game Win It All is the same odds and prize structure as Smokin' Hot Cash.(and Calif Lottery Black) Meh... Give us some new prize structure and better payouts!


i think they are coming out with a $20 game, the gas station by my house had an unscratched $20 ca lottery ticket ive never seen, but none for sale, It is a little longer than the $10 dollor ticket and was purple, i didnt see what it was called tho. it looks cool but $20 is a lot to spend on a scratch ticket


I see the link to $20 tickets at but these links are erroring out...should be coming out this week..

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Tried some of the new Win It All from a couple stores:

0, 0, $6, $15 - the $6 was 3@$2 matches, boo! and a $5 and 10X$1 for the $15

0, 0, 0, $15 - another $5 and 10X$1 for the $15

Lucky hits on the 4th of 4 tickets reduced losses to $4.


bought a combo of 1x diamond mil and 1x winitall ... three times !!!

and all resulted in zilch ... T.T


maybe better luck next time

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