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At first, sorry Todd, about posting this via here, but it is getting out of hand.

i have been receiving tens up to a hundred emails a day concerning LotSoftPro.

Everyone has wishes, problems & desires, that's one thing that's for sure.
But, i have been receiving emails from people that are accusing me of this and that. Calling me names, trashing me, telling me that i am promoting LotSoftPro on LP and sending everyone to my website, and to be honest, i pretty much had it with that kind of people. They are only in it to get the quick $$$. It doesn't work that way! One has to have a brain of its own!
It is easy to send hatemails, with accusations. The first one that can show me a post on LP where i am sending people to my website, well, i will pay him or her one hundred grand.
LotSoftPro is freeware now, and i do my best to send out the activation keys daily.

But, like most of you, i have a life.
And in that life i have to work to make a living.
I get up every morning at 4:35 AM, go to work and return between 6 and 7 PM.
There are children that need my attention, and they are getting it. The remaining time i am spending on going through my mails and answering them.
And sometimes, not often but sometimes, i need to sleep also.
This all is without learning and studying to keep up with the changes that follow each other very very fast in software development languages. I do that while i am asleep, i just put the book under my pillow...

So please, if your mails stay unanswered several days, even a week, be patient, i will handle them and respond.

If things keep going like this, LotSoftPro will be gone, permanently, the site will go down within a month.

Thanks go out to the people that appreciate what they are getting.
The other ones, and i know you know who you are, please, just stay far away from something that you obviously are not comprehending.
I am not forcing your arms to download it!!!
It seems an onion a day does not keep everyone away...



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Im so sorry that it has come to this. I have used LotsoftPro for years and yes, I purchased it, not the freeware and it was worth every penny.

You have always been responsive within a resonable period of time . There are a lot of people who dont realize what a valuable tool you are now giving them for free . But there are also a lot of us out here who do appreciate everything you have done and continue to do.

Thanks for everything Ricky and I sure hope the few dont spoil it for the rest of us


Thank You


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In response to paurths

People Please!

Ricky is not promoting LotsoftPro on LP. I saw that a group here on LP was working on a system and they were basically sifting through their numbers by hand. When I saw what they were working on, I suggested to them that LotsoftPro would make quick work of what they were doing.

Ricky had nothing to do with mentioning his software, I did! Mad

All of us who have been around LP for a minute know that Ricky has been a blessing to us. He is a person just like you or I. He should be treated with the respect that we are all entitled to.

So, please stop the accusations and other nonsense and give him some peace.


Lottochica ,

Thank you for mentioning that Ricky never promotes His Website or his software here at LP . I meant to mention it and didnt.

I find it strange that there are others on LP that do promote their services or software and thats okay, but here is someone GIVING AWAY a valuable tool and people want to harass or critisize him .. Unbelievable , 


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In response to CarliG

You're welcome Carli.

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        Keep up the Great Work !!! Your Software is great for use with Pick 3 / Pick 4 games . We all have to deal with the Trolls and Bottom feeders some people are not happy unless they trash talk other people .

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Ya Ricky get up the good work i love the program its a good tool for us here at LP. 



And its free what is wrong with some ppl.


Thanks Ricky

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In response to paurths


   With all the work and effort you have put into your various programs that you have to help us here at LP, I think it's

absolutely terrible people are doing this to you. I bought the LotSoftPro about a year ago after I heard OTHER members talk

about it. It was the best thing I ever did to help me play the Pick 3. There was information and statistics there that I never

knew existed. It has been an incredible help in picking numbers. It was worth every penny.

   PLEASE, don't shut it down because of a few idiots. Those of us who use it often truly appreciate what you have done for

 us and we thank you.

    There have been haters here on LP bashing people before, and there will be again. It seems like they choose a victim, go

 after them until they leave, and then look for someone else. Why they do it I don't know, but they have ruined many a good

 thread. Once a bully, always a bully I suppose.

  Don't let them chase you away from something you've worked so hard for. Hang in there Ricky.

  Again, Thank you and GOOD LUCK!!!

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Ricky, got your email last week and really appreciate it.


Ricky, I saw some of the posts that read borderline hostility even after i tried reassuring them that they will get it once you had some free time.

I may ask in the forums as to why a certain person may have not answered me in a timely manner, but once I get the answer, i don't press on. I understand people have lives apart from LP, I know it's hard cause I love this place, but   lol

I kinda feel bad because I fear my thread was the cause.


Blue Angel

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I was just going to contact you when I saw this thread.  My program quit working: the download feature and the lottery bibile section.  I'll just wait until all this commotion clears.  I may just deleate it and re- load it and wait for a new key.  Mine is a paid registration. 

I know where you are coming from I get a lot of "different" reactions with my programs both good and bad.  I also get some people who expect me to do everything for them .  Your programs are excellent.  Don't let the naysayers get you upset.  There are always going to be critics who bash everything but spend no energy writing systems or contributing to this site.


Thumbs Up

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In response to lakerben

I Agree!                                                                                                 I Agree!                                                                                                        I Agree!

In response to paurths

Hi paurths !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I download your free lotsoftpro for pick 3, but after installing it I am getting an error message "runtime error 3061, too few parameters Expected 3   "

I have windows vista, and fire-fox

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Vista, yes, that is a real pain in the behind.
It has some habbit that i myself don't really like, the virtualization of folders.
Uninstall LotSoftPro, then go look in the following folder : C:\Users\YourUsername\Appdata\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\INW\...
--> where you should replace 'YourUsername' with your actual username.

Even after uninstalling it might happen that the files are still there.
And since you had version 4 installed (right?), it might be that the old files remained there, and Vista decided not to overwrite them when you installed version 5.
Those files must be gone before doing another install, or it will fail each time.


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i am not aware of all the posts on LP.
The past weeks i have not had much time to read up.
So i think there is no reason for you to feel bad, about your thread being the cause or something. (what thread is that?)

I didn't expect it to being downloaded a hundred times a day suddenly, i have underestimated it...
I've taken the day of so i can go through my mails today. Hopefully all of them.
So if anyone is still 'in line', be patient, the codes are on their way.


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