Someone try this.

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I am going to explain this the best i can,  But when i was looking at the winning numbers awhile back i noticed that all the winning numbers were scattered all about in passed 25-50 draws.  so if the winning are 10-12-23-46-50 + 04 you will find all those numbers somewhere in the passed 25-50 draws.  So just look at the passed draws and just randomly pick numbers from differant winning combinations like 15 +5.  I did this awhile back in California SLP, i didn't win anything but i had all the winning numbers in the numbers i was picking from.  Do you guys understand what i am saying???

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Down ,

        Been done all ready !!. It's just a Hot/Cold count method with the last 25 - 50 draws . The method needs to be modified a little bit to work right .. Trying a few things on Paper 1st ...

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What you have said in a round about way is most lottery numbers have been drawn in the previous 25-50 drawings which is normal for most games including the multi-state games with 56-59 numbers.  It's unusual for numbers to go longer than 50 drawings without being drawn.

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you guys are debbie downers =/

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Not Debbie Downers,,,,we all started there, its a good base,,,now you need to narrow the field. 

For instance in mega millions in 2012, The numbers 2 or 3, or 9  have appeared as the first wb in 27 out of 56 draws. 

Don't stop looking!!

Good Luck!!

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