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Hi i just got in to pick 3, i play mostly jackpot games, i was wondering if any of the regular pick 3 players can give me any advice on how to play and pick numbers.  most of the time i play box it seems like an easy game can you guys help me

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Hi Down,

The best advice I can give you is to play on paper first, once your able to predict consistenly then I would start playing and yes pick 3 looks easy, trust me it ISN'T, also you should be able to watch the pick 3 forum for California and see if other players are seeing certain trends, etc..good luck

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California is the most difficult when it comes to pick 3. They are unpredicatable, play by what you like, dreams or follow the cali forums.

Good luck

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Take a look at my "7 principles for being sucessful in Pick 3 lottery".

This should give you some idea what Pick 3 is about and what you need to do to increase your chances for winning.

Good luck.


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